Vertere Launches New Introductory Turntable

Vertere MG-1 Turntable Record Player


Vertere is maintaining its spot on the top rung of luxury high end turntables by diversifying its product line and adding a new beautiful model. This time the slightly more affordable, but no less powerful MG-1 (Magic Groove) Turntable. Any audio aficionado would revel at the opportunity to hear it in action.

For those familiar with Vertere’s infamous line of products this is big news. The company has developed a reputation for crafting the most technically precise analog replay components in the world. As a result the price is often beyond the reach of even the most dedicated audiophiles. To give an idea, Robb Report recently ran an article called: “Today’s Top Tonearms Can Cost as Much as a Car.” The main feature was the Vertere Reference Tonearm coming in at $36,000 USD.

Many would decry these prices as outrageous, but the truth is, you get what you pay for. Vertere products are often considered the absolute best in the market. They’ve had audiophiles foaming at the mouth in England for a long time now, and the same is beginning to happen in North America.

Why? Well, for reasons only a true audiophile could appreciate. Touraj Moghadam, the brain behind the operation, is a genius. Back in 1984 he made his first record player, the Roksan Xerxes, as a hobby for his own curiosity. It quickly gained widespread notoriety in London and since then he has only improved on his craft. The science behind the table is astounding and the materials are the same chosen for the international space station. Touraj has eliminated the usual resonating wood box and replaced it with the highest-grade acrylics that dampen and deaden the platform of the record player. The machining of the individual parts is near to perfection with tolerances so tight you can retrieve even the minutest details from the music.

When somebody hits that cymbal on your favorite record you want to hear it ring into the room. When a kick drum is struck you want to hear more than a thud; you want it to embrace you from all sides. That’s what happens when you get a turntable like this; with an arm machined to precisely hold the needle in the middle of the groove and the plinth vibrating as little as physically possible. The emotive experience is powerful.

Now, with the introduction of the MG-1 Vertere has officially made one of its renowned turntables available to a wider market. Many of these features, inherited from the larger SG-1 Turntable (Vertere’s mid-range piece) are still available. The MG-1 borrows aspects from the bearing, pulley, and so forth. Even the aesthetic is very similar, with the main difference being the slimmer body. More technical specs and product information is soon to come, but suffice to say, this turntable brings its listners to a deeper level of musical depth and richness.

The official North American release happened at the Vancouver Audio show in the room set up by local Vancouver dealer, Pat’s Audio. The record player was displayed atop Luke Manley’s VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Amplifier. The table itself had a Vertere SG-1 tonearm (CAD $13,995) and played with a Dynavector DV-XX Mk. II MC Cartridge.



Vertere MG-1 on display at the Vancouver Audio Show


Vertere MG-1 Record Player Best in class


A week after it’s North American release the table was also showcased at the High End Show in Munich. Touraj Moghaddam stood on point in the Vertere showroom and eagerly explained all the product’s new distinct properties to guests and visitors. It was displayed alongside the Vertere RG-1 and Vertere SG-1 turntables. Visitors had a chance to compare the sound of all three and some guests gave rave reviews. Michael Fremer, renowned thought leader for high fidelity analog music, wrote “Overall, I felt it was if not the best sound I heard in Munich, among the best I heard.” The MG-1, or Magic Groove table, is on the far right in the image below.


Vertere Record Player Lineup


The retail price of the Magic Groove turntable comes to $12,950. That includes an SG-1 Motor Drive, an SG-1 Tonearm, and D-Fi Cables. Feel free to call Norm Steinke at (303) 872 6285 if you would like more information on the product. Or call our toll free number at 1 (888) 279 6765.