Vancouver Audio Show a Great Success

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I think Vancouver is an amazing city. I grew up here and have come to adore the mountains, ocean, fresh air, and amazing people that make up this beautiful place. But just when I thought it couldn’t get any better the Chester Group from the UK decided to host an audio show here. Now, aside from all the splendid natural beauty, we also look forward to a yearly gathering of audio aficionado’s. As a company founded and headquartered in a nearby suburb, this couldn’t be a better choice of location.

Regrettably, Robb Niemann, the founder of Rutherford Audio and lifelong resident of Vancouver couldn’t attend.  His commitments lay in Germany visiting partners and attending the Munich High End Show; however, I was able to represent Rutherford Audio at the show.

Despite Robb’s travels Rutherford Audio’s brands were very noticeably represented in a number of rooms. Each of our Vancouver dealers had well staffed and nicely laid out rooms, and together they displayed 7 of our brands for all attendees to see and hear.

Element Acoustics had an entire room dedicated to the highly coveted Burmester Audio Systems. According to Edward, owner of Element, setup was daunting: “It is indeed difficult to setup a system in an unknown environment 24 hours prior to the show.” Despite the short time-span the audio quality in the room was near perfection. Visitors were often struck by the emotional power of the music. Overall the guests were very happy with the experience, and in Edward’s words: “we are very happy that many people who attended the show like our rooms.” The feedback was very positive.


Burmester Sound System at the Vancouver Audio Show


Just upstairs and down the hall Pat’s Audio Art had a special corner room dedicated to their best products. It boasted a pair of spectacular looking Nola Studio Reference Gold Loudspeakers driven by Luke Manley’s VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Amplifier. But best of all was the beautiful clear acrylic record player sitting atop the rack: a brand new and never-before seen Vertere MG-1 Turntable with SG-1 tonearm (CAD $13,995) playing with a Dynavector DV-XX Mk. II MC Cartridge. MG stands for “Magic Groove” and we beleve this table will do very well as it is magic indeed.

Vertere MG-1 Turntable Record Player


Commercial Electronics had two rooms dedicated to Rutherford Audio. One boasted a pair of ELAC 509 ‘Referenz’ speakers with a Thorens TD 2015 record player and a Roksan Oxygene Integrated Amplifier. The other had a pair of ELAC FS 407 Speakers hooked up to a glossy white Thorens TD 206 turntable and a Roksan K3 CD Player Integrated Amp combo. Both systems emitted mind-blowingly beautiful sounds.


Thorens TD 2015 and Roksan Oxygene at Vancouver Audio Show

Thorens Roksan and ELAC at the Vancouver Audio Show Commercial Electronics Booth


Overall, the show was a success. We’re excited to see as this show grow from year to year and help attract people to the wonderful world of audiophile quality sound systems.