Unboxing the TD 203

There is a firmly routed tradition in the world of high-end audio: the higher up the price and quality ladder you go, the more technically complicated the components are. Especially with turntables. The barrier of entry is a big hurdle when upgrading from a generic, low-end, Chinese made record player like Crosley to a high end Thorens table.

Thorens is fully aware of this barrier, so they created this fantastic product to meet newborn audiophiles where they’re comfortable. The TD 203 inherits the traits of some of Thorens’ most renowned tables while still keeping the technical complexity and price at a manageable level.

Unlike most Thorens tables, the TD 203 is factory set and ready to play within minutes out of the box. It doesn’t require any of the fine-tuning or setup.

The packaging is relatively simplistic; nothing too fancy. Just a simple box and plenty of Styrofoam to cushion the table from any possible jolts while shipping.

TD 203 Box ClosedTD 203 Box Closed 2

TD 203 Box Open

TD 203 Box OpenTD 203 Protective Packaging

TD 203 Plinth

TD 203 Plinth and PlatterTD 203 Plinth and Platter 2


TD 203 Plinth and Platter with Dustcover