Touring the Roksan factory in Photos

Roksan Audio is a world renowned HiFi company that produces some of the best CD Players and Turntables on the market. On our way to Munich we made a stop in London to meet with Tufan and take a tour of the factory. The entire production line is hand crafted and operated by some of the finest engineers in the world. The production line is tracked by individual worker and tested throughout for best precision in audio components. Tufan took us around the factory and we thoroughly enjoyed learning how the factory is run! Here are our photos, each with a caption:

The Entrance


One of the first things you find is there numerous awards that they have received over the past couple years!


The Atessa CD Player from the late 90’s early 2000’s


Another one of Roksan’s older CD Players

The Production Line

Roksan’s production is completely hand made. Each engineer is responsible for a specific part of the production line and signs off on their work after testing. All the material is 1st quality metal and not recycled metal. Recycled metal degrades the sound quality potential and is not used in the production of Roksan Components. Each production run is of 250 units and if there is high demand they will increase the run.


Working on the K3 Series


Beginning construction of a Radius turntable – it starts with the initial platter


This component is for adjusting the pully height to align the entire turntable together


Adding on the tonearm


Next the Motor is added. The motor is attached by three screws and can be easily removed for repairs. This also helps when upgrading the Radius 5 to the 7


The Radius 7 motor itself – can be easily added to a Radius 5 to upgrade


The board of the Radius motor


Adding on the belt and platter


Adding a cartridge and aligning the Radius 7 – All turntables are aligned before packaging and shipping. You can request to have it factory aligned and ship with a cartridge and specific tonearm.


Roksan K3’s on the production line with work slips


The beginning cuts of the Xerxes


Aligning the Xerxes before packaging and shipping

Equipment Testing


Here each piece of equipment is ran through multiple computer diagnostics to ensure the equipment is ready for shipment


A final Burn in, each piece of equipment is ran through the transformers that simulate speakers for 4 hours before it is packaged


Tufan showing off the Oxygene Amplifier

The Warehouse

This is one section of the warehouse contains only the M2 units. Every series has their own section. The production runs for 250 units and they are than stored in the warehouse and inventoried before shipping.


The Showrooms

The final component of the Roksan factory is the showrooms were you can demo the gear.


The Oxygene Amplifier and CD Player with the Darius Loudspeakers


One of Roksans older turntables in wood


The main showroom – each line of products is hooked up to its own set of Darius loudspeakers. The middle Loudspeakers have a new set of feet that will begin shipping to North America this month! From left to right, you have the M2 line, BLAK Series, K3 Series. In Front is the Oxygene series and in the back is both the Radius 7 and Xerxes turntable.

Roksan Audio

We love our Roksan Audio line as has the perfect range of products that include great amplifiers, cd players, streamers and turntables! They have recently brought out an entirely new line the BLAK series which you can read our article here. They have also added additional components to the K3 series that make the line an even more sought after product. The new Radius 7 is also available and you will shortly be able to upgrade your Radius 5 with the new motor. You can view the entire Roksan product line on our brand page here. If you are looking to demo, please use our find a dealer page to find your local Roksan dealer. Finally, if you have no dealer located near you, you can purchase direct from our online US Store or Canadian Store and you can also check our events page to find out what shows Roksan will be at next.