Thorens Turntable Belt List

Thorens turntables have lasted the test of time. The TD 125 one of our very first can still be found in many homes today making most over 50 years old! While these immaculate marvels of German engineering can last half a century, the drive belt will generally need replacing. We get asked the question quite often, what belt do I need and how much is it? Well, look no further as this is our complete list of turntables and their associated belt! If there your turntable is not on here give us a call and we will make sure to update our list.

You can skip down to check out the list below but if you are wondering why you should get an official belt over a knock off belt then we have that answer for you too! Here are 4 reasons why you should be getting an official Thorens belt.


If it’s off by as little as a millimeter the speed accuracy can be noticeably affected. If the belt is the wrong length then it could slip, and if the belt slips it will have the wrong speed. Thorens drive belts are never off. They’re designed to fit the exact schematics and cut to perfection.


A drive belt needs to stay soft and pliable and shouldn’t get hard and slippery. “Fact is,” says Heinz Rohrer, “Thorens uses a special rubber mix.” Every Thorens belt uses specially formulated compounds that will resist becoming slick and slipping or cracking like an old tire.


“We also make the production process a little bit more professional than third party manufacturers,” continues Heinz. “The process of grinding and abrading is partly done by hand and guarantees a smooth running.” Any belt starts off as a flat piece of rubber. The manufacturer has to cut it and splice the rubber to join the ends. The splice then has to be abraded and smoothed so there’s no noticeable joint or roughness. If the platter or motor hits a bump then the speed could suddenly change causing a wow and flutter effect. Much of this process is done by hand in the Thorens facility. Not to mention, Thorens ensures the cutting blades are regularly sharpened; any dullness in the blade will cause the rubber to curve, warp, or curl which in turn also affects the sound quality.


At least 5 solid years of intense playing, that’s the guarantee.

You can look up a local dealer near you to purchase this belt in person. Bring your turntable and a representative will make sure it fits yours properly!






Belt is 0.9x4mm (DxH) and 496mm length

Associated Vintage Turntables: TD 125, 126, 127, 226, 150, 146, 147, 160-166, 105-115, 280 MKI-III, 290, 325, 316-231, 325, 520, 521, 2001, 3001, 700, 160HD

Modern Turntables: TD 158, 170, 190, 235, 240, 295MKi-IV, 309, 203, 206, 209

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Belt is 1.2×1.2mm (DxH) and 900mm length

Associated Vintage Turntables: TD800 line, 201, 2030

Modern Turntables: TD 2015, 2035, 350, 550

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Reference: Belt is 1x7mm (DxH) and 980mm length

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Prestige: Belt is 0.9x8mm (DxH) and 510mm length

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280MKIV: Belt is 0.8x5mm (DxH) and 360mm length

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TD124: Belt is 0.9x6mm (DxH) and 320mm length

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TD180: Belt is 0.9x4mm (DxH) and 450mm length

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