Sunny Components Fall Music Matters Event

Sunny Components HiFi Store

Sunny Components Fall Music Matters Event

Friday, November 6th 2015 from 11.00am – 5.30pm

Saturday, November 7th 2015 from 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Rutherford Audio is proud to be attending one of our dealers, Sunny Components, audio event in Covina California this weekend! Sunny Components specializes in a variety of AV Solutions. They build Home Theater Systems as well as selling HiFi Electronics, Speakers and Accessories for their clients. This event will have 10 complete systems set up for your listening pleasure. From Rutherford Audio’s line of products they will have T+A Electronics and Speakers as well as Vertere Tables. We have a few sneak peak photos for you here on what systems you will be able to listen to at the event.

T+A HV Series Stack – A True HiFi System

T+A HV Series Electronics

The above system includes the Complete T+A HV Series with 2 A3000 HV Amplifiers. The left channel will power the Wilson Alexia and the Wilson Watch Sub will be powered with the right channel. Every single HV product is featured in this powerhouse of audio! You can check out our digital brochure here. If you head to the show, the Sunny Components team will be able to answer any questions you have about the HV series. Rutherford Audios’ CEO, Robb Niemann, will also be at the show to answer any questions about T+A, Vertere or any other product line we have available.

The Slimmed Down R Series with Criterion TCD Speakers

R Series and Criterion

A second T+A system will feature the the R Series with Criterion TCD Speakers. The R Series is one of my new favorite systems; this system takes the HV components and slims them down into the R series to make for a truly remarkable sound. The above photo is not directly from Sunny Components, but is just an example of what the R Series looks like. You can check out our brochure on the R Series here.

Audio Research Electronics and TCD110S Speakers

TCD110S SpeakersA 3rd system will feature Audio Research Electronics with the T+A TCD110S Speakers. We had the 110S here in the Rutherford Audio office for about a week before they were snatched up! I can’t wait to hear how well the TCD110S work with the Audio Research Reference System. The speakers were truly remarkable as we were able to distinguish between the voices of entire choirs. They truly capture the highs of the female voice making it feel as if you were listening to them live! We have no sneak peak of this system, but rest assured it will be amazing.





Aerial Acoustics Speakers with the T+A PA3000HV and MP3000HV

Mp3000HV and PA3000HV home theater

The system above features Aerial Acoustics Speakers with PA3000HV and MP3000HV and an Aurender Streamer. Both these HV products have been nominated and won multiple awards across the globe. The German Shepherd in this photo has the golden ears when it comes to listening to HiFi!

If you are in Southern California we suggest you make the drive out to get some one on one audio time with some of the best representatives in the industry. Head over and listen to some of these remarkable systems and come back and let us know what you throught!


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