The Show Newport – Find your Perfect Sound System



Every year we make the trip down to Newport and get to visit the wonderful beaches, enjoy the sunshine and listen to some of the most amazing systems on earth! To be honest what I really miss about Southern California every year is their Mexican Food! There is just nothing like it up here in Vancouver or in Denver, so you can be sure that we will be getting Burritos at least once a day. If you have that sweet spot you want to recommend, email me at and I will put it on our list.

Ok, enough of my rant on Mexican food, lets get back to business! When it comes to finding the perfect system this year we are throwing our support behind two local LA dealers, Sunny Components and Brooks Berdan Ltd. We will also have a Burmester suite and Harald Feld, International Sales Director for Burmester, will be coming in from Berlin and bringing us a special treat! Brooks Berdan and Sunny Components are two excellent dealers within LA and will have some excellent audio systems for you to demo. We will go over each suite and give you an overview of some of the products in their suite.

Brooks Berdan Ltd

Suites: 1348, 1349


Brooks Berdan Ltd has been in business for over 5 decades now and have been at The Show Newport since its beginning. They are located out in Monrovia on the edge of LA and have quite the turntable selection for you to demo. Their wall of turntables has always impressed me:


Suite 1349

This suite will be filled with Roksan Audio, head to toe! We recently toured the Roksan Audio factory and the engineering there is quite amazing. Every product is hand made and tested by each engineer on the line until completion where it goes through even more tests to ensure their customers receive the best product available. This year in suite 1349 Brooks Berdan will have Darius Loudspeakers powered by an Oxygene Integrated alongside the Xerxes Turntable with a Soundsmith Cartridge.

Suite 1348

In suite 1348 Brooks Berdan will be featuring Jardis Orchestra amp powering Splendor speakers with a Radius turntable from Roksan. The Jardis Orchestra won the product of the year award from The Absolute Sound and will produces quite the remarkable sound that I am sure you will enjoy when visiting this suite.

Darius Loudspeakers

DariusS1-whiteThe Darius S1 Loudspeakers were conceived to be the most advanced and best performing loudspeaker Roksan has designed to date. The idea was to produce deep & tight bass while maintaining a detailed open sound from the dimensions of a medium-sized stand mount.

We welcome you to come test out the Darius S1’s and listen for yourself the success of the Darius Loudspeakers at The Show Newport.




Roksan The Oxygene Amp and CD Player are sleek and simple in their design. Their physical beauty stands out in the customizations of colors and art you can get with the Oxygene series. You can get customized art placed on your Amp or CD Player or request specialized custom colors. You will get to see a customized orange at The Show Newport this year.

The motto of Oxygene is “less is more” as Roksan has removed every single bit of unnecessary element which has lead to a very crisp and clear sound.  While most Roksan products are hand crafted in the London factory, the chassis in this case is hand built in Germany. Brooks Berdan will have a selection of CDs to play in the showroom and will even be able to play through the APTx Blue Tooth application for you to hear to superb sound of the Oxygene.


Xerxes 20

XERXES20-rosewood Brooks Berdan is quite well known for their sales of Turntables. With an excellent staff with so much vinyl knowledge, they truly do know their turntables and we always suggest people to visit Brooks Berdan and check out their selection of turntables. For suite 1349, you will be able to listen to the reproduction of the Xerxes turntable, Roksans high end turntable that was first released in 1985. For over 30 years the Xerxes has been put to the test and still stands tall as one of the best turntables available.

Sunny Components

Suites: 1201, 1217


Sunny Components has massive showrooms with so much demo equipments that you could spend weeks there and not listen to it all. Sunny’s has a philosophy of not just displaying demo gear,  they actually stock everything they display. It’s why everyone loves Sunny’s! At The Show Newport Sunny Components will be featuring a considerable amount of T+A gear. You will be able to hear the T+A reference series(HV Series) and the all new DAC 8 DSD which is superb in its DSD 512 sampling.

HV Series Sunny Components

Suite 1201

The DSD 512 suite! The DAC 8 DSD and AMP 8 will be here and will be powering Ryan Speakers. Computer Audiophiles will rejoice when they come here and listen to the DSD 512 that will be emanating from this suite. 

Suite 1217

The T+A Reference suite! This suite will be filled with the HV Series along with T+A’s G1200 turntable. The system will be connected with Wild Blue Yonder and Wild Wood series cables with Niagara Power Conditioners on Harmonic Resolution Systems RXR Racks. 

DAC 8 DSD and AMP 8 

DAC8-DSD_Front_seitlichThe DAC 8 DSD has become widely popular in it’s short life thus far. In the past two months audiophiles from around the globe have been raging about its capabilities to playback DSD 512 and  DSD 256. When powered with the AMP 8 the two combine to a complete system that is flawless in every way.

The sound is superb and you don’t have to take our word for it, we expect you to come and listen and decide for yourself! Suite 1201…don’t forget.



The HV Series


Every component of the HV series will be on demo, the P3000, A 3000, PS3000, MP3000 and PDP3000. The HV Series has the same DAC as the DAC 8 DSD with all the extra power that comes from the High Voltage line! The HV series is composed of solid aluminum and runs at significantly higher voltage than standard audiophile gear. Because of the High Voltage the HV series has a truly dynamic range of sound and has been described as euphoric.

I could probably write 5000 words on how amazing the HV series is but luckily The Absolute Sound has completed this take for me already. T+A which stands for Theory and Application doesn’t put their highest priority into marketing, they put it into sound engineering and science. When you come and listen to the HV series you will see what T+A truly stands for because I know what you are thinking for and let me tell you, the meaning has changed! Come and listen and you will see for yourself.




Suites: Santiago, Marketplace: M21


Herald Feld will be flying into LA from Burmester headquarters to present alongside the Burmester of North America team. The dream would be to have the brand new C500’s flown in, but they are not quite ready for transport yet. Rest assured there will be quite a present coming in from Germany and you will just have to come and see! The suite will consist of a mix of reference and classic line and will also include an additional turntable from Thorens.

The Burmester Line


The main demo will consist of a 911 power amplifier, truly is one of the most impressive power amplifiers ever made, powering the BA3.1 speakers. There will also be a 111, 101 and a 948 power conditioner. The music center is one of the main features of this stack as it is the ultimate unit in its capabilities. The 111 is the ultimate Media Center and can do everything an audiophile needs when it comes to playing music. In can play Internet Radio, CDs, DAC, digital, analog or play of its dual 3 TB hard-drives in RAID format.  It is quite the package and easily the second most sold product after the infamous Burmester 911! A huge announcement to come this summer is the support for DSD via a software upadte only to the 111.

The musical genius that engineered this power amplifier deserves his place in history and we will do our best to get him there!

For those of you who will be making it to the Burmester suite you will have a chance to meet with Harald Feld the Chief Operating Officer of Burmester Audio. He will be on-site and we will be setting up a video interview with Harald, so if you have any questions you think should be asked: email

The TD 550


The TD 550 is Thorens reference turntable. It will be equipped with Soundsmith’s Hyperion Cartridge…the best of both brands! The 550 is one of the most gorgeous turntables on the planet and it’s build quality is superb. Everything about the turntable just screams high end luxury. From the massive aluminum platter, the Makassar finish and logo lighting up on the front panel.

The Microdynamics of the TD 550 are superb…the music just flows from the turntable out the speakers and into your soul! From the start of the ritual of placing vinyl on the 550 all the way through, there is nothing else quite like playing music on the TD 550. You could easily get lost in the ritual and when you come to the showroom, make sure you request to hear this superb reference turntable on the Burmester BA3.1 speakers. You will be blown away.





For those of you whom have been keeping up with Artnovion, you will know how amazing these acoustic panels are. Not just acoustically but visually. Every aspect of these hand made panels is crafted with precision and perfection! We have a massive shipment of Artnovion products coming in and we will do our best to have every suite we are involved in be acoustically treated with Artnovion!

We will have the new mobile wall mounts on display and you will be able to see an example of the tube fixing system.



Computer Audio – At Home and on the go!

Steve Silberman of Audioquest will be hosting a Computer Audio seminar Saturday at 10am. Steve will discuss hardware, software, and application systems so that you can have the comfort and competency to go home and enjoy computer audio in your own systems. The seminar will have the T+A R Series at the event and will also include the TCD 310 loudspeakers. We will be there for set-up and during the event and we encourage you to join us and learn a bit more about Computer Audio!

Wherever you end up at the show, we hope you find your way to one of the above suites and come and take a photo with us and let us know what you think of our systems! We love hearing from you, our customers.