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  1. Thorens Cinch / Phono / RCA Cable

    Thorens Upgrade RCA Cable

    USD $49.95

    1 Meter Cinch / Phono / RCA Cable for Thorens record players. A perfect upgrade if your current cables are bringing down the quality of your system. Made in Germany.


    • Additional ground line.
    • Robust plastic sheathing
    • 24- carat gold-plated contacts
    • double shielding

    Learn More
  2. SMARTstylus


    USD $149.00
    The SMARTstylus is the very first template allowing for setting ALL geometric parameters of the cartridge - azimuth, SRA and VTA !! - fast and accurate within minutes. Learn More
  3. The Arche Headshell

    The Arche Headshell

    USD $695.00
    The Arche Headshell was built with one purpose in mind: to bring to your ears and senses the utmost musical experience with the best possible acoustics. Your cartridge in a headshell will preserve every tiny detail and transfer every nuance of energy extracted from the stylus. Learn More
  4. HELOX Reflex Clamp System

    HELOX Reflex Clamp System

    USD $695.00
    The reflex clamp combines some of the most important functions and features arising around the tracking process. In order to ensure extremely good contact pressure the helix provides a new clamp principle, one that applies more pressure than any vacuum suction. This is done with a unique reflex-function that does not add much weight on the bearing. It also offers the option to fine adjust to speed of the stylus drag, resulting in accurate speed under real working conditions. The HELOX works on all turntables with a standard spindle diameter and even on turntables with an unusually long spindle. Learn More
  5. Thorens Turntable Counterweight

    Thorens Turntable Counterweight

    USD $65.00
    Choose amongst the drop down for the appropriate counterweight for your turntable. Learn More
  6. Thorens 170 / 190 / 240  Dust Cover

    Thorens 170 / 190 / 240 Dust Cover

    USD $199.00
    Dust Cover replacement for the TD 170/190/240/206 Learn More
  7. Thorens Stylus Gauge

    Thorens Stylus Gauge

    USD $19.99
    This simple-to-use measuring device was developed to give listeners a way to insure against the problems caused by improper tracking force settings, which include mistracking, excessive record and tip wear, and poor sound reproduction. Learn More
  8. Dust Cover Hinges for the TD 170, 190, 240

    Dust Cover Hinges for the TD 170, 190, 240

    USD $39.99
    Replacement hinges for the TD 170, 190, 240 Learn More
  9. Thorens Standard Belt

    Thorens Standard Belt

    USD $29.99
    The standard belt covers a majority of all Thorens turntables. Check the description below to see if yours is a match. If you do not find your belt here or on our store email chad@rutherfordaudio.com to find out what belt you need. Learn More
  10. Thorens TD 280 MKIV Belt

    Thorens TD 280 MKIV Belt

    USD $34.99
    Thorens TD 280 MKIV Belt Learn More
  11. Thorens Power Pack 15/16v AC

    Thorens Power Pack 15/16v AC

    USD $49.99
    Thorens Power Pack 15/16v AC Learn More
  12. Thorens 206  Dust Cover

    Thorens 206 Dust Cover

    USD $199.00
    Dust Cover replacement for the TD 206 Learn More
  13. Art USB Phono Plus

    Art USB Phono Plus

    USD $99.00
    The USB Phono Plus is the ideal solution for transferring any highly prized vinyl collection to your computer or laptop. It is also the ideal high performance audio interface between analog and digital sources. Built in low-noise RIAA phono pre-amp circuit with low cut filters (to remove rumble and noise) guarantee pristine audio capture. Learn More
  14. SMARTractor


    USD $649.00

    The SMARTractor is the ultimate Alignment tool. With precise tangential alignment this is one of the most versatile phono alignment tools ever. The SMARTractor's spindle adapter perfectly snug fits on all spindle diameters from 6,90 to 7,30 mm - including the Garrard 301's spindle. 

    Read the review of the magazine Adventures in High Fidelity Audio!

    Learn More
  15. Thorens T-Shirts

    Thorens T-Shirts

    USD $29.95
    The perfect gift for your loved one

    For a limited time we are offering Thorens T-Shirts!

    Our Thorens T-Shirts come in Grey, Black or Red and we now only have sizes in Large or X-Large with a very limited selection of Black Medium t-shirts!

    Learn More
  16. Thorens TD 180 Belt

    Thorens TD 180 Belt

    USD $34.99
    The TD 180 has a very specific belt and this belt is 450mm long. Made with great attention to detail and quality. Cut using extremely high precision tools to ensure a perfectly straight cut without warping or bending and perfect edges. Learn More
  17. Aedle Headphone jack with microphone

    Microphone Cable

    USD $35.00

    Aramid fibre coated cable with microphone and remote control.

    3.5mm - 1.2m Cable

    Learn More
  18. 1.2m Cable

    1.2m Cable

    USD $25.00

    Aramid fibre coated cable. 3.5mm - 1.2m Cable

    Learn More
  19. 2.4m Cable

    2.4m Cable

    USD $25.00

    Aramid fibre coated cable. 3.5mm - 2.4m Cable

    Learn More
  20. TD 209 and 309 Dust Cover

    TD 209 and 309 Dust Cover

    USD $199.99
    A clear acrylic dust cover specifically designed to fit the unique contours of a Thorens TD 209 or 309 Turntable. Learn More

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