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“My aim as musician and engineer is to make music enthusiasts forget that they are listening to their music via electronic equipment.”   Dieter Burmester 


Dear Burmester Enthusiast,

Thank you for your interest in the premier handcrafted products of Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH.

It’s been 37 years that Burmester has been producing high-end audio component systems in Berlin, Germany. The company has been consistently ranked in the top ten luxury brands on the Ernst and Young luxury ranking and reached the number two position in 2012.

Burmester offers three customizable product lines specifically designed for the interior of your home, office or yacht, and also provides specialized bespoke systems upon request.


Burmester Home Theater



About this Page

We hope that by reviewing this information you will gain further insight into who Burmester is and what is offered in terms of the best hi-fi products available. Consider it a simple introduction to what we like to call “The Burmester Family.”

Burmester considers these hand crafted audio products as one of those “unique offerings” in the luxury home audio industry. We see beyond the technology and hardware yet understand what it takes to bring a creative mind and skilled hand together to deliver the ultimate musical experience.

We see people. We see culture. We see music. We use Burmester to deliver all of this to you intimately. For those who seek a musical experience that can be felt during every single note – Experience Burmester’s "Art for the Ear." 


Burmester in japan

About Burmester

Burmester Audiosysteme was founded by electronic engineer and musician, Dieter Burmester. After constructing an amplifier that was intended for personal use, friends pursued him to use his skills professionally. Finally, when one of his friends went to the German audio press in the late 70's, Dieter’s amplifier was claimed to be one of the best ever made.

Today, Burmester is one of the most respected names in HiFi audio among customers, press and maufacturers of the highest-quality audio worldwide. Dieter still arrives in the office every morning and is fully invested in the design and manufacturing of every component as well as leading every aspect of business in the company. There are 50 employees who operate out of the manufacturing facility in Berlin, with product distributors - serving as brand advocates - in 65 countries worldwide.  

Rutherford Audio Inc. proudly represents Burmester in North and Central America. 

Burmester in Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sounds Review of the 151

HiFi Plus BA31 Review

Burmester is the very Best Audio System


Burmester offers high-end sound systems for the home, automobile and yacht. Every home component is assembled by hand, and undergoes extensive testing procedures. The R & D department keeps themselves very busy, as they are the developers of the state-of-the-art technologies used within Burmester components. Factory upgrades are also achievable with many Burmester components, as classic technology advances with modular designs. All data is recorded and kept in the vault for each unit during the assembly process, allowing for the ability to match your upgrade perfectly in the future, 5, 10 or 25 years from now.

All Burmester products are designed as investments for life, unique to your living space - wherever that may be. 

Some Reviews recently published for Burmester Products: 

Burmester in your living room


Own a Burmester Audio System in Your Luxury Car? 

Perhaps you’ve come to know the name Burmester through its highly praised luxury automotive sound systems. A partnership with Bugatti marked the start of Burmester’s involvement in this industry. It was a match made in heaven, an exclusive audio brand with a legendary sports car. In 2009 the newly released Porsche Panamera (seen below) boasted a Burmester system. Now Burmester has grown to be the premium option on all current model Porsche cars. In 2014 Mercedes joined the family with the launch of the new S-Class. Their release of the worlds first 3D surround sound in the sedan revolutionized the space of car audio. Now Mercedes is adding Burmester as an option or standard in future models including the highly anticipated new AMG GT-S.




Porsche Panamera and Burmester Sound System




What we offer

We offer 3 complete product lines, and a line that includes all components for a Home Theatre set up. Components can move around from line to line, and be custom finished upon your unique request. The following is a brief overview of what we offer. 

Burmester Reference Line

Burmester’s Reference Line asserts the claim to set the benchmark worldwide in the fields of sound quality, innovations and manufacturing quality. The aim is to demonstrate state of the art whatever the effort, or the required use of materials may be. Several expert magazines have predefined the series name: Reference - because all pieces from this product line have been awarded with various reference titles from the international press.


Burmester Top line

Burmester’s Top Line is characterized by the high amount of technological acquisitions from the Reference Line, in combination with a consolidated construction.

Burmester Classic Line

The Classic Line concentrates on the bare essentials, while uncompromising highest quality sound and design standards. Its individual components profit from developments out of the Reference or Top Line. Technologies, which have been generated for these high-class product lines are deployed in a compressed form for the Classic Line components.


Burmester Home Theatre Line

The Home Theatre Line includes all components necessary for a Home Theatre set up: Multichannel amplifiers, Surround Processors, DVD players, Subwoofers, and Center speakers. Home Theatre components can also be combined and fitted with components from other Burmester Product Lines.

 Burmester with Gibson Guitar




For your own personalized Burmester concierge service or to request information about dealers near you, please contact one of the following representatives. 

1 (888) 279-6765



Robb Niemann 


United States

Norm Steinke


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