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Acoustical Systems Fidelis Cartridge

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Acoustical Systems Fidelis Cartridge

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Introducing the new titanium body fidelis!

5.5 mV output • 18 mN tracking force • 18Hz to 25 kHz +/- 2db • true eliptical 2.5 x 7 cartridge weight 10.5 grams - 47k-100k loading 

Product Description

The fidelis is suitable for any MM input on a preamp made over the last 50 years. It has 5.5MV out put. What does that mean? It plays 7db louder than a cartridge with 2.5mv so when playing music you can turn the preamp down 7db many preamps especially tube and vintage will have much less background noise and give us that black back ground we are looking for. This stylus is a very small true elliptical 2.5µ x 7µ. A common cartridge like an Ortofon bronze is much larger at 8 x 40 µm. This mean the fidelis stylus is 68% smaller allowing the stylus to ride much farther down the groove allowing for better detail and more resolution. For many customers they are playing a part of the groove that has never been played before thus reducing noise. The other benefit of riding lower down in the groove is related to frequency and dynamics. Bass waves are long and produce wide easy to see modulations on the record surface. As the frequency goes up the wave gets shorter and the modulation of the grove becomes less, very high frequency are tiny and at the bottom of the grove.

The fideles produces a very dynamic, life-like, colourful, open, transparent and natural sound and performs solidly several steps above it’s price range. It features very high trackability - above 90 µm! -  and is very easy to align. It’s low body mass allows perfect synergy with a very wide selection of low to medium-high mass tonearms.


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