Reliving Memories with Scheu and Ortofon

We wrapped up CES very nicely this year. Our showroom was well received with record breaking numbers of attendees and industry connections. I took the time afterwards to drive across California and visit our key dealers, making sure to stop by Brooks Berdan Limited in Monrovia, L.A.. When I got back to our Denver office I was pleasantly surprised to find our new Scheu Analog Das Laufwerk II table had arrived.  With its slate base and arm board each of these are a “one of a kind.” The solid plinth and platter give it a steely industrious German look while the fine wood Tacco tonearm highlights its elegance and precision.




It’s hard to get one of these beautiful pieces of audio electronics without giving it a listen. So I set it up and pulled out a fairly rare 1987 John Cougar Mellencamp single original pressing on the Mercury label. For some vinyl lovers and record player shoppers this album is retro. I remember driving to the record store and picking it up back then. Of course I did not have a Scheu, it went on my Thoren’s 125 with the Grace 860F and Ortofon MC20 (both safely tucked away).




Today I am using the Tacco tonearm, I love the wood arm tube and the performance of balanced connections. Ironically 20 plus years later I am still running an Ortofon, today it’s the Cadenza Black. Goes to show how long-lasting vinyl is; it’s easily the best way to preserve music and memories.




Suffice it to say, the sound exceeded my expectations. It was nostalgic but fresh and the Scheu turntable really brought out the base and soundstage of this album.