Scheu Analog Announces a New Look

Old and New Logo

Scheu Analog crafts unquestionably high-quality turntables. We are extremely proud to stand by this product and represent it in the North American market. The sheer beauty and quality of construction and build in each piece allows them to sell themselves. We at Rutherford Audio are very happy with the new logo and branding which will support Scheu to become the distinguished brand in the public eye that it has already been for so many years for all those German engineer types.

Why did Scheu (pronounced “Shoy”) take so long to create a proper brand? Scheu inherits a long-standing German engineering tradition of believing products should sell themselves and have always put a low priority on marketing. Now that we are representing the brand in North America we are happy and proud that they took our input and put value on the brnading image of the company as well.

Ulla Scheu, owner of the company, approached legendary designer and ad-man, Jan H. Geschke to give the company a new look and feel. Jan has developed a significant reputation of 25 years work with the likes of Bacardi, BMW, Deutsche Bank, IWC, Jägermeister,  Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Sixt and many more. It seemed clear his marketing team were the go-to-people for this project. Not to mention, with an entire staff consisting of vinyl junkies and audiophiles, “the needle hit the correct groove,” says Jan.

The concept for the new logo was simple. Jan quotes his friend Esslinger for the inspiration who always said: “make it simple, simple, simple. With a little something to sting the mind so you remember from time to time.” With this as the foundation, the logo designed itself. Branding is “an almost artisanal operation,” says Jan, “so you’re not going to waste money on fancy ideas.”


Scheu of Music Web Page


With this practicality in mind, the font had to stand out loudly on fairground posters and closely resemble what was already on the pick-ups. “All very practical German thinking, I’m afraid,” says Jan.

“Obviously, the overall look and colors had to be very vinyl,” says Jan. His team took their inspiration both from the very colorful and lively sleeves of the Eighties (think Bryan Ferry) and the masterful Jazz records of the 60s. Both heydays combined made for a very distinctive look. The website was designed so that even the pictures are made to look like records, in both format and details.

Scheu Analog Website


The new slogan, the Scheu of Music, was created with a very specific purpose in mind: “There had always been very funny slightly askew versions of how to pronounce the company name,” says Jan. “So we decided to address the German name problem once and for all in a single bold move.” Now, by rhyming with the “Joy” of music, people should have an easier time figuring out how to say the name. “Plus,” continues Jan, “I figured this new claim to be so bold even if people try to forget it they would not succeed.”

The new brand only rolled out a couple weeks ago, but the reception has been very positive. “Dealers from all over the planet approached Ulla at High End 2015 in Munich, so the Scheu of Music will now conquer places it had never even heard of before.” Said Jan

Scheu Analog Banner


As the distributor for a German brand in North America, where marketing is significant portion of the brand perception, we at Rutherford Audio couldn’t be happier to see this company revamping their brand.  With this new look the turntables are more likely to be seen and heard, and as we already know, they sell themselves at that point. So we’re looking forward to a bright future with this company.