Xerxes Given Top Review by HiFi+ Magazine

HiFi+ Magazine wrote a review of the Roksan Xerxes record player a couple years ago. The table has since been growing in popularity so we thought we would post it for all to see. 

Xerxes Review

Although our reviews are existential in nature (“I feel…” rather than “it does…”), we do try to take the personal element out of the story behind the product, but this time, it’s difficult. You see, I’ve been at this audio reviewing lark for getting on for a quarter of a centuryand in that time there has been many a turntable gracing the Sircom shelves. And yet, despite its considerable importance over the last 25 years, simply due to the way the cards fell, I have never once spied a product from the turntable maker closest to me geographically – Roksan.

The Xerxes sits somewhere between suspended and solid turntables; its subchassis uses a series of blobs between it and the plinth and the plinth is decoupled from the sub-plinth by a series of anti-vibration mounts. In other words, rather than accepting the limitations of one of the two usual ways of making a turntable, Roksan did the lateralthinking thing and side-step the whole issue by going for decoupling and isolation.

Roksan has traditionally made some very…