Dieter Burmester, Burmester 101, and T+A HV series Nominated for Awards at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest will be running a International HiFi Awards on October 2nd the opening night of the show. Rutherford Audio is proud to announce our nominations. Dieter Burmester the founder of Burmester Audio has been nominated for a life time achievement award at The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Alongside Dieter’s nomination his valued Burmester 101 is nominated for The Best Integrated Amp. We have also had two T+A HV Series products nominated in the CD Player and Pre-Amp Categories.

1.) Dieter Burmester Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award

Dieter Burmester

Dieter was an internationally admired pioneer. Many of his legendary audio components have become known as artifacts of the high-end world. His passion for music and its reproduction at the highest levels of quality, his creative energy, and his captivating enthusiasm inspired him to develop and realize extraordinary projects. He has left behind a legacy and his name will no doubt be placed in the history books of the Audio world. You can read the full article on Dieter here.

2.) Burmester 101 Nominated for Best Integrated Amp

Burmester 101 Integrated Amp

The 101 Integrated Amplifier is a supreme example for the perfect combination of efficient class D power sections and an analogue power supply. With its power reserves thus made available the 101 easily achieves in a compact design the warm and well-balanced sound which is known to be a trademark of the Burmester tone. The switchable “Smooth“ function produces a rounded and detailed sound image even with low volume levels. The 101 will be on display at the Rutherford Audio table.

3.) T+A MP 3000 HV Nominated for Best CD Player

Mp 3000 HV

Truly designed for the audiophile, the MP 3000 HV is by the finest player ever built. T+A has continued to refine their product lines producing this high quality HV multi-source client. Its core is the new quadruple digital-to-analogue converter whose origins can be traced back to our High-End V-series and R-series CD-SACD players. We will have both HV products at the show for your viewing pleasure. You can check out our T+A product line here.

4.) T+A P 3000 HV nominated for Best Pre- Amp Award


The P 3000 HV is the audiophile High-End pre-amplifier of the series, and represents the universal control centre for the individual new HV machines. It is equipped with unique, newly developed technologies and innovative circuit designs. Its measured results, specification and sound quality represent the limit of what is physically feasible. You can purchase this pre-amp here.

Congratulations to all those Nominated

We are proud of the brands we represent at Rutherford Audio and will have these products on display at our table. You can come by and visit us and ask us any questions about the T+A line as well as any Burmester Audio related questions. You can see the full list of awards here.