Vertere Standard Tonearm

To eliminate the 'loss' of information due to unwanted bearing chatter, Vertere has designed a Tri Point Articulated bearing or TPA. Three silicon nitride precision balls and a precision machined pivot point provide the support and the articulation for the arm. Although the tonearm may appear to behave as a uni-pivot, it is however, without any of the bearing 'chatter', preserving as much of the signal information as possible. The result is a life like dynamic response with unexpected clarity, musicality detail - truly unparalleled.


SG-1 Tri-Point Articulated bearing eliminates loss of information.

Non-resonant, high-rigidity roll-wrapped carbon fibre arm tube.

Bias-curve adjustable anti-skate mechanism.

Adjustment ring for fine-tuning of tracking weight and arm/cartridge resonance control.

Vertere Standard Tonearm
Type Tri Point Articulated
Effective Length 240mm
Overhang 17.5mm
Offset Angle 22.9″
Head-Shell Aluminum Alloy
Arm Tube Wrapped Carbon Fibre
Bearing Structure Captive Silicone Nitride Ball (x3)

– Precision Stainless Point

Counter Weight Stainless Steel

– Stainless Steel T/W Adj. Sleeve

Internal Wiring Optional

– Pulse Hand-built or Standard

Connectors Proprietary Cartridge Tags & 5-Pin

– x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts


Tonearm Cable Optional

– Pulse Han-Built, Pulse-R, Pulse-B, Pulse-C & D-Fi

Overall Weight 397g