THIXAR Silence Platform

With the THIXAR Silence you’ll get a complete sepa­ration of the top and the underside of the stand with no firm connection between both parts. This results in a quieter, wider soundstage, clearer and more natural sounding instruments – and an amazing amount of peace filling the heart of the proud owner.


The SILENCE platform employs the gel as a flexible bearing across the full contact surface between the two parts of the equipment platform.

When oscillations occur, for instance, on the shelf or within the equipment itself, the energy is transformed into shear forces and absorbed by the gel.

You’ll be able to enjoy a sound you have never heard before from your hi-fi system.

The optimum positioning for your valuable hi-fi equipment.

THIXAR Silence Platform


The Thixar Silence is available in the following standard dimensions:

Usable area

size: M L
width: 450mm 500mm
depth: 360mm 440mm

Set surface

size: M L
width: 350mm 400mm
depth: 260mm 340mm
height: 42mm 50mm
weight: 5.2kg 8.2kg

Custom dimensions, forms and colors are available on request!