SMD Ambitious Audiophile Rack

The fact that high-end hi-fi equipment tends to show a highly sensitive response to whatever it is standing on is an open secret. For this reason, we have developed the new “SMD Ambitious” rack system range, based on the highly successful “Silence” equipment base. In doing this, we focussed on isolating the surface on which the equipment stands from vibrations of the shelf beneath, in order to minimise the amount of external vibration affecting the equipment. In this new design, an advanced version of our unique gel base is used.


Up to 4 levels for this rack

Wood, High Gloss and Matte Finishes

Utilizes Silence+ for each platform

Medium and Large configurations

SMD Ambitious Audiophile Rack


Mounting surface per level

size: M L
width: 500mm 550mm
depth: 450mm 500mm
height: 110mm 200mm
max. load: 30kg 30kg

Overall dimensions*

size: M L
width: 560mm 610mm
depth: 450mm 500mm
1 level 115mm 115mm
2 levels 320mm 420mm
3 levels 525mm 725mm
4 levels 730mm 1030mm

* without Spikes