Scheu Analog Cello Timbre Turntable

Scheu's top cello turntable it offers attractive modern cosmetics, flawless finish and sonically inherits certain gifts from the dearer Premier model. Unlike the basic and evolution models, the Timbre features slate in the body design. This is clearly no poor man’s job.


Exclusively designed for 9 inch tonearms

20mm slate top

Can be upgraded with Scheu Cantus or Taco tonearm

Product of the year in 2015

Scheu Analog Cello Timbre Turntable


Technical Specifications

Operation manually
Drive System exterior drive belt
Motor electronically regulated DC-motor, massive metal, stand-alone
Speeds 33-1/3, 45 rpm
Bearing Inverted precision platter bearing
Platter 12” / 2.7 kg (acrylic)
Optional Tonearms Scheu Cantus or Taco
Pick-up Cartridge
Chassis: resonance optimised layer construction, 50 mm height, furnished body (Tineo), with 20 mm slate top
Dimensions 425 x 50 x 340 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 25kg