Nessie Vinylmaster Record Cleaner

Nessie Vinylmaster cleans your records in less than 2 minutes! When it comes to your records it is important for them to be clean. Not just for the quality of sound but you want to ensure the records do not get ruined. Visit one of our many showrooms and bring your dirtiest record and we will clean it for you as a demonstration!


The record cleaner is filled into the cleaning agent tank from above with the help of the Nessie funnel. The cleaning agent in the tank is sufficient for 100 LP cleaning cycles at least.

The machine ensures that an appropriate quantity of record-cleaning agent is applied to the record. There is no risk of applying too much or too few cleaning agent.

The extremely soft nylon hairs of the two brushes have a diameter of 0.0075 mm and enter the upper part of the record groove without any problems.

When moving the drying arm over the record, extraction starts automatically. All loosened contamination is sucked off even from the bottom of the grooves. The spinning speed of the turntable is automatically reduced and the extraction power adjusted accordingly.

Nessie Vinylmaster Record Cleaner


Dimensions (L x W x D) 400mm x 330mm x 170mm
Weight 9 kg
Voltage 230V/50Hz
Wattage in cleaning mode 8 Watt
Wattage in extraction mode 255 Watt
Protection Classes 2, IP22
Declaration of Conformity CE
Cleaning agent tank capacity 650 ml
Waste water tank capacity 800 ml