Hafler PH50 Phono Stage

The Hafler PH50 is a high-performance phono stage for moving magnet (dynamic) cartridges that incorporates a well defined RIAA curve to preserve and transmit the original program material with minimal coloration. Particular attention has been applied to reducing noise, a problem common to the 33 RPM recording chain, resulting in a low -82dB noise floor with greater than 91dB of dynamic range and less than 0.002% distortion.


Inside, the solid-state circuit and military grade PC board have been optimized by carefully positioning parts for minimal self-noise and cross-talk and then supplemented with a ground plane to reduce susceptibility to RF.

Front panel controls include a power on-off switch and a variable low-cut filter that may be inserted into the signal path when needed.

The fully adjustable low cut (high-pass) filter enables the user to reduce low frequencies that can cause resonance and feedback when playing music at higher levels.

Compact yet ‘plug and play’ easy to use, the PH50 follows Hafler’s 50 year tradition of building the very finest audio products.

Hafler PH50 Phono Stage


Audio circuit type: Active operational amplifier
Frequency response: RIAA curve
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N): 0.008%
Dynamic range: 91dB
Input impedance: 47K Ω
Maximum input: -21dBu
Gain: 35dB
Clip level – output: +12dBu
Output impedance: 400 Ω
Equivalent input noise: -79dBu
Noise floor: -79dBu
Intermodulation distortion: 0.04%