Burmester B18 Loudspeakers

The new B18 loudspeaker has been developed as a 2½-way bass reflex speaker with a front-firing design and is a universal sound talent: space-saving, yet at the same time extremely musical and dynamically thrilling. The high-frequency reproduction benefits from the ring radiator which is custom-made for Burmester and guarantees optimum clarity and resolution. The low-mid and mid-low drivers are a derivative on the basis of the proven chassis which has already earned the B10 compact speaker an impressive sound performance.


Variant 1: Bass- / without plug (red) (delivery condition) For this setting a minimum wall clearance of 50 cm (20“) to the rear wall and a medium room size is recommended.

Variant 2: Bass+ / without plug (green) For this setting the wall clearance should also be no less than 50 cm (20“). Here the bass range is given a broadband 2 dB boost. In rooms with a poor bass quality this provides a significantly stronger upper bass performance. This option is suitable for rooms with a weak bass like e. g. lofts with large window surfaces or plasterboard walls.

Variant 3: Bass- / with plug (blue) This setting is particularly suitable for a placement close to the wall in smaller rooms. The bass shows a soft roll-off below 100 Hz and goes way deep down. This frequency response compensates the low range overemphasis caused by standing waves or pressure chamber effects and nearby corners and walls. Selecting this option can produce greater midrange clarity.

Variant 4: Bass+ / with plug (grey) The fourth and last option is equally suited for a placement close to the wall. Here the bass shows a steep roll-off below 50 Hz. The sealing plug of the bass reflex port makes the placement rather uncritical, and the low-frequency gain versus the closed variant brings about a forceful performance in medium sized to large rooms. Due to the cut off sub low range, the maximum performance will also be increased by 3 dB which results in a higher peak volume level.

Burmester B18 Loudspeakers

The highly complex frequency crossover sits in an isolated enclosure chamber, just like the low-mid driver whose own sealed compartment yields an outstandingly clean mid-frequency performance. A fully re-designed, computerized spring-mass damping system ensures an optimum decoupling of the speaker and thus makes it extremely resistant to floor vibrations. Supported by the cabinet, which has been optimized using FEM analysis, the massive and particularly torsion-resistant aluminum-MDF sandwich front delivers an accurate, precise bass and reduces cabinet resonances significantly.

Apart from a mechanical damping through a plastic foam cylinder, the B18 loudspeaker has a bass switch to tweak the bass intensity to the ambient room conditions and your personal listening taste.