Burmester 956 MK2 Power Amplifier

The stereo power amplifier 956 MK2 extends Burmester’s power amp portfolio consisting of the legendary 911 and 909, which have garnered international renown. The 956 MK2 offers an unusually high damping factor with an extremely short rise time to deliver large currents.


Internal wiring to supply power to the output stages and transfer signals to the speaker binding posts consists of 10 mm high-purity copper wire.

This amp coaxes airy sound images and bone-rattling dynamics even from loudspeakers with lowest impedances and complex loads.

Just like the 909 and 911, its DC-coupled signal paths are free from distorting capacitors.

The layout of the circuitry is balanced throughout and together with the Class-A amplification stages provides precise and honest reproduction of any kind of music.

Burmester 956 MK2 Power Amplifier



Dimensions (W x H x D) 480x184x482mm / 18.9×7.3x19in
Weight 31kg / 68.3lb
Inputs 1 XLR
Bridgeable into mono operation via mono adapters Yes
Bi-Amping via Bi-Amp Adapters Yes
Remote Input / Output 1 /0
Input Impedance XLR/RCA 1.88 kΩ / 13.6 kΩ
Input Sensitivity (1 V) 824 V
Stereo Output per channel into 4 Ω 240 W
Mono Output per channel into 4 Ω 500 W
Frequency Response  <10 Hz-220kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio >103 dB
THD + N < 0.005 %
Damping Factor >1,000
rise Time 25 V/ us
Gain 31.5dB