The Absolute Sound Burmester 151 Review

It is a truly outstanding digital player, one of the most musically exciting I’ve auditioned. It is superbly built, offers a wide range of features, and its iPad remote control option is well designed and highly functional.

HiFi Plus Burmester 151 Review

...Burmester is one of the most recognised German brands among the cognoscenti. Those elements converge, too; German luxury goods are made with the ideals of German engineering culture. They are built up to a standard, not down to a price, and this gives them longevity, even when dealing with something as ever-changing as a media player. The 151 Musiccenter is built to last.

TAS 2015 Golden Ear Award - Burmester 151

Quite frankly, I don’t see how you could wrong with a properly set-up Burmester MC151 as a CD player, as a way to store any music collection under 2TB, as a portal to a streaming service or Internet radio, or as a means to play music off a USB stick or hard drive.