TAS Burmester 111 Review

The 111 is a big, heavy and shiny box, as befitting a product in Burmester’s Reference Line. Also as befitting Burmester – and especially Burmester’s Reference Line – it is extremely well built. Nothing is left to chance, everything is made with the sort of engineering standards that don’t happen in the home that often today.

Robb Report Burmester 111 Review (pdf)

To facilitate functionaluty, Burmester includes a theird generation iPad with the 111-marketing the first time Apple has allowed one of its products to be bundles an an accessory with an outside manufacturer...With a 3-terabyte onboard harddrive (plus another 3-tb backup drive), the 11 can store a significant amount of digital music.

Image HiFi Burmester 111 Review

A little mind game for a change: In the Burmester 111 Music center you can store three terabyte of music data, which are interanally mirrored onto a second harddisk. This is equivalent to more than 6000 audio CDs. If you possessed so many CDs and picked one of these for each day, you would at least need 16 years to listen through all of them. THis harddisk memory capaciry should be large enough right?