TAS Burmester 101 Review

The Burmester 101 might just be one of those silently ‘disruptive technology’ products. Class D operation is going to be an increasingly important element in 21st Century music listening, and Burmester joins the small, but growing number of serious audio brands that are realising the potential of the circuit topology. We need more products like the Burmester 101, for making the right noises to the environmental brigade, and making the right noises for the listener, too!

Canada HiFi Burmester 101 Review

In contrast to the norm of planned obsolescence and throwaway products that runs rampant in this day and age, you will find that Burmester Audiosysteme adheres to a refreshingly different school of thought. Their audio offerings are prestige items, intended for lovers of music with both means and taste, superior in execution and presentation to lesser fare and built with permanence in mind. What this company offers is tangible, lasting quality, not colorful ad copy.

HiFi+ Burmester 101 Review (pdf)

The 101 amplifier is a 120W design, and uses a Class D power sections, in place of a predominantly Class A topology of other amps in the Burmester range. Class D operation poloarises audio enthusiasts, but the 101 takes the Class D concept and runs with it.