Mono and Stereo Burmester 089 Review

In combination with Burmester X-Amp 2 this belt driven CD player for sure brings one of the most analog like performance among all CD players I have had pleasure to listen in my highend audio journey.

TAS Burmester 089, 036, 948 and B25 Review

Burmester is one of those brands that sells complete systems. You don’t necessarily buy a piece of Burmester, you buy into the Burmester idea. Every single component, from mains plug to loudspeaker, can have a Burmester logo on it, and in most cases there seems to be no overarching reason to break rank.

i-fidelity 089 Review

Here the 089 will give you the best possible support, for its technology is more than just impressive. Of course, the belt drive of the CD drive acts as a unique selling point – a technology which, due to its complexity, was seized on by only a few manufacturers.

HiFi+ 089 Review (pdf)

If I had to describe the actual overall tonal balance of the CD 089 I would say that it leans very, very slightly towards warmth but don't think that it is in any way slow or remotely retiring.