Sound and Vision Burmester 069 Review

In addition to providing one balanced XLR output, two unbalanced RCA outputs, and two digital outputs (one coax, one optical), the 069 provides three digital inputs (two coax, one optical) and one balanced XLR analog input, allowing the device to serve as a preamp as well as a CD player.

TAS 069 Review (pdf)

The good news about the Burmester 069 is that its superior emerges with the kind of acoustic chamber music, small jazz group, and solo instrumental recordings where it is easy to detect whether the resulting illusion is musically credible rather than sonically "interesting."

TAS 2009 Burmester 069 Product of the Year

Our Cost-No-Object CD Player of the Year is the Burmester 069 Reference Line. Featuring's traditional belt-driven transport and 192kHz upconversion, it offers outstanding performance in every respect, represents a beautiful jobb of engineering, and is exceptionally well made.