Artnovion Verona W Absorbers

Verona Absorber’s main goal is to solve absorption problems for medium and high frequencies, reducing standing sound waves and their reflections. Due to Verona’s unique 2D pattern that together with other similar panels renders a tri-dimensional experience, you can arrange them in several different stylish designs and patterns, creating a unique and distinguished ambience in your room.
Available in several wood or plastic finishes the acoustic panel Verona Absorber is one of a kind.


Finishing Material has an improved fire rating

Fire rate classification M1 (NFP 92-507) ; Class 1&2 (BS 476-7)

Acoustic class C with a coefficient of (αw): 0,7(M)

Acoustical panel with a 3d visual effect

Artnovion Verona W Absorbers
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Product Finishes


Product Information

  • Finishes Material – Wood
  • Dimension – 595X594X58mm
  • Weight – 1.57Kg
  • Installation – Mechanical or Glue
  • Units per box – 8
  • Packing Dimensions – 620x385x620mm