Artnovion Loa Square Absorber

Loa Square is a fabric covered absorber, with a usable range of 350 Hz up to 4000 Hz. Its squared shape allows for easy orientation changes to scatter in multiple axis. Ideal to reduce unwanted acoustical reflections, and to tame chaotic reverberation in your space, Loa Square is easy to install on both walls and ceilings and is available in 10 different fabric choices.


The finishing has an improved fire rating and is furniture grade material

Fire rate classification of M1 (NFP 92-507) ; Class 1&2 (BS 476-7)

Acoustic class of B with a coefficient of (αw): 0,8(M)

Comes in 10 different finishes!

Artnovion Loa Square Absorber
laoperformance laosquare

Product Finishes


Product Details

  • Finishes Material – Fabric
  • Dimension – 297,5X297,5X60mm
  • Weight – .65Kg
  • Installation – Mechanical or Glue
  • Units per box – 12
  • Packing Dimensions – 620x385x300mm