Artnovion Komodo W Absorbers

Flat reflective surfaces are known to cause interfering reflections and excessive echo, which can impose restrictions on the functionality of your home cinema or hi-fi room. In order to address your specific needs, Artnovion developed the Komodo W Absorber, a decorative and innovative wooden panel with an acoustically optimised perforation pattern that eliminates sound radiation effects, offering reflection and reverberation control.


Finishing Material Wood FG (Furniture grade) Wood FR+ (Fire Rated improved)

Fire rate classification: FG | Furniture Grade Class FR + | M1 (NFP 92-507) ; Class 1&2 (BS 476-7)

Units per box - 8

Packing Dimensions - 620x385x620mm

Artnovion Komodo W Absorbers

Product Finishes


Product Details

  • High Efficiency Absorber
  • Fire rate classification: FG | Furniture Grade FR+| M1 (France); Class 1&2 BS(UK)
  • Material: Wood FG or Wood FR+
  • Fixing System: Mechanical or Chemical
  • Dimensions: 595x595x58mm