Artnovion Eiger Tunable Bass Trap

It is well known that wood panels naturally absorb unwanted noise, instantly improving sound quality. With a timeless and exquisite design, Eiger is an Artnovion flagship product. This Bass Trap acoustical panel was carefully developed by our R&D department to treat low frequencies. Lovingly handmade from wood, this acoustical panel absorbs at a range from 45 Hz to 125 Hz .


Double membrane absorber + Micro perforated system + Tuned Helmholtz Ressonator

Tuneable Frequencies: 45 to 60 HZ : 60 to 80 HZ : 80 to 125 HZ

A High Efficiency bass trap

Comes in 4 different finishes

Artnovion Eiger Tunable Bass Trap


Product Finishes


Product Information

  • Finishes Material – Wood
  • Dimension – 595x595x201mm
  • Weight – 9.8Kg
  • Installation – Mechanical
  • Units per box – 1
  • Packing Dimensions – 620x385x620mm