Artnovion Azores Absorber

The Azores Range represents freedom. Freedom to create. Freedom to play. Freedom to design your perfect acoustic treatment. The Range of 7 shapes and 21 Colours was conceived to unleash your inner creatively - throughout Walls, ceilings and clouds. The azores range is universally compatible - and compatible with the rest of the Artnovion range. Azores is designed to treat first reflections, or to get the perfect RT in your space. With fully mechanical, adjustable fixing systems - creating your dream environment has never been easier.


Mix and match shapes to create your own design

Perfect for cloud acoustic panels

Customizable shapes are available - full customizable control is available via any Artnovion product - just ask!

Fully fire rated for interior design and architecture use!

Artnovion Azores Absorber



Fabric FR++ (Ultimate Fire Rate) | Polyurethane foam

Fire rate classification:

FR + | M1 (NFP 92-507) ; Class 1 (BS 476-7); B1 (DIN 4102-1); HF 1 (UL 94).

Acoustic performance: Absorption range | 350Hz to 3150Hz Acoustic class | A Absorption coef. (αw) | 0,9


| 595x595x35mm – SQR 1,62Kg | 10 Units per box

| 595x1190x35mm – RCT 3,24Kg | 6 Units per box

| 1190x1190x35mm – Double SQR 6,48Kg | 4 Units per box

| 595x595x35mm – TRG 90 0,8Kg | 10 Units per box

| 595x595x35mm – TRG 60 0,7Kg | 10 Units per box

| 595x595x35mm – Quarter CIR 1,27Kg | 10 Units per box

| 1190x595x35mm – Semi CIR 2,54Kg | 6 Units per box

Installation – Mechanical or Chemical Packing Dimensions – 640x385x640 mm * Approximate weight