Aquilar Tonearm Review (pdf)

My first impression on Aquilar: it sounded very close to Axiom...My second impression: Aquilar sounds more dynamic than Axiom...

Acoustical System Aquilar Review

The following year saw the most unique ark headshell, the latter provides unprecedented adjustment and its design features were incorporated also featured in the 2013 Axiom and our last year launched Aquilar tonearm. In addition, the offer of Acoustical system still includes the setting gauge SMARTractor and some partly manufactured in a limited edition pickups like the archon, and astron aiwon.

Aquilar Review

The Aquilar is the shorter and more affordable variation of the Axiom, the first tone arm from Acoustical Systems, which was recognized by a number of awards, above all in the Far East and—as Dietrich Brakemeier notes, not without a touch of pride—has found its place as tonearm of choice on the top models by Verdier, Kronos, Kondo and Continuum.

Mono and Stereo AQUILAR

Of all the components in the audio chain of a HI-Fi system, the turntable's tonearm is the only component which does not generate any mechanical motion or electrical signal of its own. It is purely a passive mechanical device designed with the sole purpose of holding the cartridge and wires, transferring the electrical signal generated by the cartridge with as little hindrances to the cantilever's spring mass system as possible.