Mono and Stereo AIWON Cartridge Review

Dietrich Of Axiom Tonearm fame from Acoustical System, Germany and Thomas (codename "Syntax" at Audiogon), paid me a visit recently. We have a small gathering of some serious analogue enthusiasts. Dietrich also introduced his latest offering, a phono cartridge of high calibre, The Aiwon. After some serious setting up work on the Axiom and the Aiwon, on the TechDas Air Force One, we are ready for some serious listening but with a newly delivered and installed Gryphon Pendragon Loudspeaker system.

TONEAudio AIWON Review (pdf)

Where my favourite Koetsu and Kondo cartridges focus heavily on invoking an emotional response from the listener and can be known to embellish a bit, tonally speaking the AIWON offers remarkably fast transient attack and accurate sound.