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Vertere's philosophy is simple and straightforward. It's based on the fact that any hi-fi system is only as good as its weakest link. In many years of research, Vertere has applied a methodical approach to analyze system performance. Since 2006, with the introduction of its original Hand-Built Pulse, Vertere has continued to demonstrate conclusively that for almost any system, the weakest link is the connecting cables.

The next weakest link is the tonearm, followed by the turntable. In that order Vertere has set out to produce the absolute utmost highest quality analog audio components. Each weakness systematically eliminated so that, just when you thought things couldn't get better, they did.

Rutherford Audio Inc. proudly represents Vertere in North America.


Listening to High Fidelity
Accurate Cleaner dosage .B
Twin brush for groove-deep cleaning .C
Ergonomic Record clamp with label protection .D
The Nessie extraction - low noise and gentle .E


F. One touch operating button on the worktop
G. New Acoustical Cleaning timer for cycle optimisation
H. Automatic adjustment to warps
J. Dynamic cleaning due to changed in the direction of rotation
K. Intensive cleaning programme

The Connect

Key to this is preserving all the dynamics, harmonic structure and detail of the music, throughout the system. All too often, it is the connecting cables that corrupt the delicate audio signal. Vertere has fundamentally addressed this issue with its unique conductor design and internal cable architecture.

‘Our Philosophy – Any cable can only degrade the signal. The best cable is the one that degrades the signal least.’

The Platform

At Vertere, the foundation for our Record Player designs is a full understanding of the recording, cutting and vinyl pressing process. This, plus the advantage of having created the Reference Tonearm, placed us in a unique position to develop our high-end Record Players.

The amazing truth about vinyl records is that they can just go on sounding better…

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Vertere Pulse-HB | Mains Power Cable

Vertere Pulse-HB | Ethernet Cable (RJ45 connector)

Vertere Pulse D-Fi Double | USB Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse D-Fi Single | USB Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse-B | USB Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse-R | USB Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse-HB | Hand-built USB Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse D-Fi | AES/EBU Balanced Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse-R | AES/EBU Balanced Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse-HB | Coaxial Digital Cable

Vertere Pulse-Xmini | Speaker Cable

Vertere Pulse-X Standard | Speaker Cable

Vertere Pulse-X Reference | Speaker Cable

Vertere Pulse-HB | Hand-built Speaker Cable

Vertere Pulse D-Fi | Headphone / RCA Cable

Vertere Pulse D-Fi | Headphone Cable

Vertere Pulse D-Fi | Analogue Interconnect Cable

Vertere Pulse-B | Analogue Interconnect Cable

Vertere Pulse-R | Analogue Interconnect Cable

Vertere Pulse-HB | Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable

Vertere Pulse D-Fi | Analogue Tonearm Cable

Vertere Pulse-B | Analogue Tonearm Cable

Vertere Pulse-R | Analogue Tonearm Cable

Vertere Pulse-HB Analogue Tonearm Cable

Vertere Reference Tonearm

Vertere Standard Tonearm

In the Press

Vertere DG-1 Review

We're delighted to share with you the first DG-1 Dynamic Groove review by HIFICRITIC magazine. The in-depth review by Chris Kelly, also awards our first 'plug and play' record player the coveted 'Audio Excellence' status.

Vertere Acoustics MG-1 MkII/Mystic Review

Vertere Acoustics is a hard company to define. It was founded around a decade ago and focused on some quite extravagantly designed high-end cables. That range has since expanded to cover most price points, but in 2013 the company took what looked to be a left turn by producing a statement record player.