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Peace in the listening room and a heavenly pleasure for the audiophile.

25% of the virtues of a system derive from the used cables, the power supply and the set up of the components. These last 25% or more often neglected than not. We have set out on a mission to change this. With our gel based technology our craftsmen hand make our out of this world equipment in the heart of Germany.

Download this technical file to learn more about how THIXAR Products work.


Utilizing a specialized gel technology Thixars rack eliminate vibrations from the ground up. These platforms keep your hifi equipment seperate from the surface it is places upon, freeing your music from all of it's constraints.


Bringing the silence series to racks. Attention has been given not only to the acoustic aspect but also to the visuals. Keeping in line with “form follows function”, the system is integrated into a modern, highly flexible design.

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SMD Ultimate HiFi Rack

SMD Ambitious Audiophile Rack

THIXAR Silence Plus Platform

Thixar Silence Platform