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What began 20 years ago with Thomas Scheu’s `passion for tinkering´ has grown into a highly regarded company with audiophile customers almost anywhere on this recently revinylized planet.

SCHEU has come to achieve major status in the audiophile hi-fi market.

Rutherford Audio Inc. proudly represents Scheu Analog in North America.


Excellence, magnificent are both words we bring to the table when designing and building our turntables. We don't have an extensive line, but what we have are a few turntables that are designed to be just that, excellent and magnificent!


Beyond Germany! We want to bring these tables far beyond Germany and it is starting here with North America and with you! Listen and we know you will love it, touch it and we know you will be amazed, learn about it and you will find our engineering is perfection. Join us in the world of that Analog Thing!

Das Laufwerk

The SCHEU turntable with the absolute name Das Laufwerk No.2 has recently become SCHEUs top-of-the range model. In terms of audible performance it even exceeds the company´s legendary previous top model and represents the beginning of a whole new phase for SCHEU.


There is no doubt that their is beauty in this classic line of turntables. The Cello, is the starting point for Scheu turntables and is meticulously crafted for all those who are out to re-discover the joys of analogue music.

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Scheu Analog MC S-L Cartridge

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Scheu Analog Classic MK II Tonearm

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Scheu Analog Das Laufwerk No. 2 Turntable

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Scheu Analog Premier MK II Turntable

Scheu Analog Diamond Turntable

Scheu Analog Cello Timbre Turntable

Scheu Analog Cello Evolution Turntable

Scheu Analog Cello Classic Turntable

In the Press

HiFi+ Scheu Analog Tacco and Das Laufwerk Review

Even without looking at the name, you know this is German through and through. Just the first look at the turntable convinces you that you are in the presence of Big German Audio of the first water. It’s big, bold and just the right side of sensible. And the arm looks like a magic wand... of course it’s German.

6moons Scheu Analog Premier Review

Thomas Scheu of Scheu Analog worked in the DIY community for years. About 20 years ago he began thinking of a turntable he could offer commercially. This birthed the Premier which today is available in Mk2 and Mk3 versions and copasetic with two different tone arms from the same stable. In Thomas' catalogue the Premier sits in the middle.

6moons Cello Review

Scheu Analog is no firm to release new record players every few months. In business for outside two decades already, their present lineup still includes only four decks. The company's mantra seems to be evolutionary refinements of existing platforms rather than short-lived turnover of endless models. The Premiere is the most well-known bestseller and show piece of this vinyl specialist of Solingen despite Das Laufwerk, an outright monster in two flavors, sitting above it in the lineup.

LP Magazine Scheu Analog Diamond Review

Katie Melua’s got one as well. We reported on it in the last issue, in fact. However, that young lady chose the more understated version in black - the so-called Black Diamond. I‘m neither young nor a lady, but I took the plunge. I rang Ulla Scheu and asked her to send me the new Pink Diamond for a test run. A moment of madness, perhaps. PINK!