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To full enjoy the audio quality of a vinyl records, it must be perfectly clean. In many cases, the grooves of the older records are virtually clogged with various kinds of deposits. These contaminations produce rustling and cracking noise and the sound lacks dynamics. /p>

A suitable record-cleaning machine is an indispensable tool for every vinyl record enthusiast. Nessie Vinylmaster is a high-end record cleanng machine that was developed on the basis of experience gained in may thousands of record cleaning cycles.

Rutherford Audio Inc. proudly represents Nessie Vinylmaster in North America.


Integrated Cleaning Agent Tank .A
Accurate Cleaner dosage .B
Twin brush for groove-deep cleaning .C
Ergonomic Record clamp with label protection .D
The Nessie extraction - low noise and gentle .E


F. One touch operating button on the worktop
G. New Acoustical Cleaning timer for cycle optimisation
H. Automatic adjustment to warps
J. Dynamic cleaning due to changed in the direction of rotation
K. Intensive cleaning programme

Keeping it quiet

When moving the drying arm over the record, extraction starts automatically. All loosened contamination is sucked off even from the bottom of the grooves. The spinning speed of the turntable is automatically reduced and the extraction power adjusted accordingly. A smooth velvet cushion protects the record surface during the extraction process. The vacuum pump is automatically turned off after the direction of rotation has been changed once. The drying process is optimally controlled and cannot be influenced by the user.

By the way, Nessie will not upset your neighbours because the extraction system is low noise thanks to consequent insulation with Basotec® acoustic foam.

A deep clean

Sometimes, it may be necessary to clean a record very profoundly. The intensive cleaning programme of Nessie Vinylmaster® provides a cleaning cycle of 20 minutes for this task. During the intensive cycle, liquid is automatically reapplied as required. This ensures that even severely contaminated records become clean down to the grooves again.

Press the start button for three seconds to activate the intensive cleaning programme.

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Nessie Vinylmaster Record Cleaner