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At Artnovion we are driven by passion. Passion for acoustics, passion for performance and our eternal passion is to provide an amazing customer experience. With a talented team, we work hard to push the boundaries of acoustic engineering to create a unique collection of trendsetting & high performance products.

Our every day mission is to drive innovation and engineer acoustic performance, combining these to create unlimited design possibilities. We believe that simple is more & performance flourishes from emotion!

Rutherford Audio Inc. proudly represents Artnovion in North America.


We love what we do
and we love to comminicate.
Alongside premium technical performance,
we bring our emotion and passion to the business.
We transform our expertise into a simple, emotional experience.


Sound is an audacious
and a powerful living element.
An element that shapes the perception
of our universe and embraces our senses.
We are challenged at unraveling that sound.

Understanding Reverb

Watch this music video to the right to help you understand reverberation in different environments. This musician sung a song in 15 different locations without adding or adjusting the reverb.

With Artnovion, we control the reverberation time in the natural environments to create the sound to be as ideal as possible. Either for speech, music, movies or for music production.

Life made easy with Impulso

The impulso app allows you the accoustically measure your room. It will give you the Reverberation time and the Frequency response of your room. You can select panels and visualize the effect that the panels will have on your room.

By submitting your results and working with us or your local dealer you can get back a suggestion of how your room should be set-up by Artnovion engineers.

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In the Press

Artnovion Gramophone Installation

Artnovion reports that they’ve experienced great joy in designing the Gramophone Maryland project. With the help of their American distributor Rutherford Audio, they helped making the grand opening of Gramophone Gaithersburg a success. The main listening room sounds great, feedback couldn’t have been better.

Artnovion in AudioXpress

We’ve all been there, trapped in an airless room with grimy melamine foam on the walls and watermarked acoustical tiles in a suspended ceiling to look at when exasperation with the “talent” becomes too much. It doesn’t have to be that way… Enter Artnovion.

Artnovion Impulso App Review

More than simply a measurement tool, Impulso is designed to help both audio professionals, hi-fi enthusiasts and engineers tune their rooms without requiring specialist training.