The definitive list of German Audio Brands

updated January 13th 2017

OktoberfestOur List of Premier German Audio Brands

Every great celebration needs good beer and great music, here is a list of our top German Audio brands. German engineering is world famous for the prescision and care in creating world class products that last forever. We are proud to bring all these German Audio brands to the United States and Canada!

The Ultimate List of German Luxury Audio Brands


Burmester AUdio

Burmester Audio is one of our most renowned German Audio brands. Alongside their excellent home audio systems. They also build specialized sytems for Porsche, Mercedes and Bugatti. When it comes to the best of the best of the best they truly are on the top of that list!

The Classic line is featured to the left and can be custom ordered through Rutherford Audio or one of the plenty of dealers across North America who carry Burmester.

The all new Burmester B18 Loudspeakers were just released at CES. Their most affordable floorstanders yet and they sound just as powerful and precise as their big brothers.


td 203
Thorens has been in the business of turntables since the beginning. Since the 1960’s they were used by the very first DJs in the world. The TD 125 being one of the most renowned DJ turntables in history. You can read more on the first DJs here.

Thorens turntable that were built in the 1960s can still be found in peoples theatres, offices and listening rooms across the globe. They stand the test of time and are a true testament to German Engineering.

To the left is the TD 203 and is currently one of Thorens most popular brands. The TD 203 features a more modern look but if you are looking for a more classic and vintage look you might want to check out the TD 240 or take a step up to the TD 350.

3.) T+A

tplusaThis German company, Theory and Application, or T+A for short is all about the science of their gear. T+A designs, manufactures and optimizes some of the highest quality HiFi components in the world!

T+A HV series is their reference system and has been playing non-stop here at Rutherford Audio foffice. Since we set it up in our showroom our guests continually praise the sound and visual aesthetics of the rig. It produces an absolutely beautiful sound and the articulation of vocals is precise and clean. The PDP 3000 from the HV series won The Absolute Sounds product of the year!

Along with the electronics a wide set of speakers comes with the brand, including the extremely affordable Pulsar ST 20 Loudspeakers.


ScheueScheu Analog is quickly becoming the best turntable brand in the world. Scheu turntables are carefully manufactured by hand and offer a suitable solution for everyone, no matter what your requirements, from the beginner´s turntable Cello to the very sophisticated reference table – Das Laufwerk No.2.

German Engineers pride themselves in their craftsmen capabilities and beleive their products stand to market themselves! This is without a doubt true if you have ever listened to one of these remarkable turntables.


LyravoxOne of our newest brands, Lyravox builds wall mounted all in one systems. Ranging from 170cm to 240cm long they can be mounted on your wall and are designed to give you the absolute perfect audio through sonic manipulation.

The Stereomaster featured on the left here is absolutely stunning. It has an extensive functionality with CD, USB, WLAN/LAN, NAS/DLNA, and live streaming through the internet or bluetooth.

The exterior is on par with its musical genius as the Scandinavian design meets the German Master Crafstmanship.

A new SM3 has recently been released and is slightly smaller and more compact than the SM2 but with all the same punch!



To fully enjoy the audio quality of a vinyl record, it must be perfectly clean. In many cases, the grooves of older records are virtually clogged with various kinds of deposits. These contaminations produce rustling and cracking noise and the sound lacks dynamics.

Nessie Vinylmaster is designed for washing LPs and has done an astounding job doing so. We recently purchased over 500 records from a few Garage sales and have been going through and cleaning them all on the Vinylmaster. It cleans so remarkably well and it does it in only four minutes!


Thats the list! The next list you need to think about is what beer you will be drinking while listening to these fine audio brands. Germans are extremely proud of the quality of their engineering and this Oktoberfest you should get out their and celebrate! Find the closest event near you and get out their and enjoy yourself and then when you head home, pull out your favorite album and listen to it on your trusty Thorens Turntable!

7.) Dr. Feikert

The Dr. Feikert line comes with 3 turntables that are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. The turntables are all belt driven and can come in a wide variety of finishes. From high gloss to wood veneer finishes. The Blackbird and Firebird are capable of equipping 2 tonearms for those who want a variance in sound.

The Dr. Feikert brand also is an expert set-up tool system. With an easy to use protractor and software you can fine tune your turntable to be the best it possibly can be!

8.) Acoustical Systems

Acoustical Systems is an out of this world brand! With a turntable that is priced over $300k(APOLYT), absolute perfection is Acoustical Systems philosophy. They let their imagination run limitless and the best possible solution to any problem is always the answer. No matter what the cost!

A number of tonearms and amazing cartridges come along with the Acoustical Systems brand. Recently the Palladium which was just released has seen astounding reviews by its customers.

The SMARTractor is a set-up tool by Acoustical Systems and is a bit more expensive than Dr. Feikerts but it comes with a whole lot more!

Everything by AS, is handmade and because of that production is limited. Serial #s are in only double digits for most of Acoustical Systems products.


These racks come with a proprietary gel technology that help dampen vibrations in the platforms. Each platform is completely isolated from the rest of the rack. You can even pick up the paltforms by themselves to utilize in your own rack.