New Product: Vinyl-Nessie Record Cleaner

Nessie Vinylmaster

Rutherford Audio has always striven to accommodate astute audiophiles in their quest for the most powerful listening experiences. We pride ourselves in having brands that can bring enthusiasts closer to the realm of perfection. Phenomenal speakers, some of the world’s best electronic components, and the most well respected turntables, among other things have filled our roster. Now we’re adding an entirely new type of product: the Nessie Vinylmaster.

This sturdy and well-crafted, high-end record-cleaning machine can bring analog lovers to new heights of emotive pleasure. By cleaning records as thoroughly, quickly, and silently as physically possible, old favorites sound like original pressings; bringing vinyl lovers back to those nostalgic moments when they were first enjoyed.

Any vinyl junkie can understand the impulse to keep records clean. A pristine groove, devoid of dust and particles, will undeniably sound better than a dirty one. And the clear channel will mitigate unwanted wear-and-tear on the pickup cartridge. But what distinguishes the Nessie Vinylmaster from other record cleaning machines? A perusal of the official website should give a clear indication of its features; but to give a quick summary, here are 6 reasons why it’s above and beyond competing products:

1. Made in Germany 

Every Nessie Vinylmaster is meticulously designed and manufactured in the land where engineering and durability reign indefatigably as the ultimate priorities. The parent company, Draabe technologies, has 65 years of expertise in apparatus construction.

2. Solidly Built

It is crafted from high-grade black acrylic glass and chrome-plated aluminum parts; none of the cheap plastic you’ll find in competing alternatives.

3. Easy 3 Step Cleaning

The cleaning process is simple and requires very little effort. Just fill the tank with cleaning solution and press the button then watch as the machine works its magic. Each side takes approximately 2 minutes. By holding down the button for three seconds the machine goes into a 15 minute intensive cleaning program. Scroll down to see images.

4. Extremely thorough and quiet cleaning 

Most record cleaners can’t clean the entire surface of a record, whereas the Nessie Vinylmaster’s brush can span the entire width (all 100 mm) while the clamp protects the label from harm.

5. Gentle Drying

An extraction system quietly removes loosened contaminants and static while drying the record. Once the 4 minute cleaning cycle is done (2 minutes per side) the record is ready to play.

6. Quick Rise to in Popularity

Though the product is very new, over 1000 satisfied customers are eagerly using it worldwide.


Nessie Vinylmaster Cleaning Process

We believe a record cleaning machine of this remarkable quality should be an indispensible addition to any audiophile system. We proudly offer it in our product line, effective immediately, and welcome any questions or inquiries.