New Line of Cartridges by Soundsmith

Sussurro Phono Cartridge


As per usual, the Munich High End show has been a catalyst for remarkable growth and change at Rutherford Audio. We met with many potential partners and carefully vetted through them to select only the best. As a result, we’ve struck distribution agreements with a handful of new brands, one of those being Soundsmith.

If you’ve been in the industry and attended audio shows you’ve likely seen Soundsmith; if not in its own showroom, in the rooms of the many other high end audio brands that use its cartridges. It’s an industry favorite for those catered-to-perfection listening rooms of the absolute highest audio quality.

The majority of the company’s products and much of its international fame comes from its reputation as an ultra high-end cartridge maker. It has an impressive lineup of meticulously handcrafted designs; from the indestructible, high output IROX Blue to the luxurious low output HYPERION; ranging in price from $500 to $9,000. Each cartridge has distinct and unique features, but the one recurring trait is the unique fixed-coil design. Soundsmith sets itself apart from the infamous moving-coil versus moving-magnet debate by providing this ingenious design alternative. With a fixed-coil pickup the benefits of both are enjoyed while the pitfalls of each are avoided. To read more about the advantages of fixed coil (also known as moving iron cartridges), click here.

We’re extremely proud to be able to host this brand. It fits perfectly with our lineup and should look very nice on the tonearms of our Thorens, Scheu Analog, and Roksan turntables.