Get ready for The 2016 Munich High End Show

The MUNICH HIGH END SHOW show is just around the corner. We are here to help you navigate the maze of Munich to ensure you can find the famous Rutherford Audio brands! Many of you will be wondering exactly what equipment will be available? We already know what some brands are bringing! Others will be keeping it a secret until the last second! We will go through each brand one by one and let you know what will be there and what pieces will be making their debut. First, we will go over where all our brands are and how to navigate the maze of the MOC to find them.


Munich High End Show Locations

Acoustical Systems – Hall 4 T19

Artnovion – Hall 4 T06/003 and Hall3 H13

Burmester – Hall 2 D02/E03 and A3.1 D106/D107

Hafler – Hall 1 A04

Lyravox – Hall 2 G13

Scheu Analog – Hall 4 S08

Soundsmith – Hall 4 T02

T+A – A3.1 D102/D103/D105

Thorens – A4.1 D105

The ground floor will have all the halls and that is where most of your open space will be. The upper levels are where you will find the atriums and the suites for demo gear.

High End Show at Munich Brand Previews

The MOC in Munich hosts the HIGH END SHOW and has taken over for the most well-known and successful audiophile trade show in Europe if not the globe. Some consider it to be the definitive source of audiophile’s inspiration. Others see it as a business date of the highest priority. And both are right. Audio brands from all over the world travel to Munich for this show and most will be releasing brand new gear at it just in time for summer. For each of our brands we are going over what they will have and if they will be releasing new equipment and what it is.

Acoustical Systems


Location: Hall 4 T10


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For the first time ever the APOLYT turntable will be on display at Munich in Hall 4 T19. The APOLYT turntable is built out of the imagination of Dietrich Brakemeier and is set to be one of the, if not the most expensive and high-end turntable on the market! Everything on the APOLYT is built to the highest standards with the best possible materials and precision engineering that Germany is known for.

The famous AXIOM tonearm will no doubt be in the Acoustical Systems room as well as the widely loved SMARTractor. The SMARTractor is the best alignment tool in the world, it is easy to use and after watching the demo video one time you will have it down to a science. This tool should be in every audiophile’s tool kit.

Everything Acoustical Systems builds is designed and built to be the best possible solution. Two new products will be coming to the show and will be following in the high standards of engineering we are accustomed to from Acoustical Systems. The two new products are: a new LOMC Cartridge the Palladium and a new passive air-suspension isolation platform the AIRframe. Make sure you stop by Acoustical Systems at Hall 4 T19 to check these out.



Location: Hall 4 T06/003 and Hall3 H13


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Artnovion has quite a few brand new products that they have been releasing in a windstorm of growth these past couple months! The innovation that is coming out of Portugal is leaps and bounds above any other acoustics company on the earth. They have just brought in LED integration to their Acoustic Panels, which was introduced with the Athos (a Pro Audio Panel), but will be brought to other Acoustic Panels in the near future. The product of the year is the new Sahara Acoustic Panels, which we are already beginning to plan massive projects with.  From Audio showrooms to just art in homes, we are installing these amazing panels across a wide variety of locations.

Acoustics Made Easy.

Artnovion is making acoustical treatments absolutely easy and with this ease of use the entire market will be able to treat their rooms without breaking a sweat! With new innovations in mounting, their FixArt mounting systems and mobile wall mounts makes installation a thousand times easier. Beyond that, their Impulso App alongside the engineering report they give you makes actually treating your room properly a breeze.

Whether it’s for your studio, home audio, home theater, office or just making your home gorgeous, Artnovion Acoustic Panels are the perfect solution!



Location: Hall 2 D02/E03 and A3.1 D106/D107


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Burmester likes to keep their new products secret until the big showing! So while we can’t tell you what’s coming specifically, we can tell you, you won’t want to miss it! What we can tell you is the Phase 3 will be there and that it is in its final stages of approval in Germany before they can begin export. We have a brand new Phase 3 content page up that you can check out here.

Along with Burmester rooms you will be able to visit hall 2 and check out some of Burmester’s car audio systems in Porsches and Mercedes. The automotive section will have on demo a Porsche 911 Carrera S, Macan Turbo and our Burmester High-End 3D-Surround-Soundsystem in the Mercedes-AMG GT.



Location: Hall 1 A04


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When you mention the name Hafler to a group of audiophiles, you will have a group of men reminisce to the days when David Hafler was producing some of the best gear around! Most probably got their start in the industry with a Hafler or Dynaco amp. Now Radial Engineering is bringing back Hafler in a big way. Radial Engineering was originally the distributor for Hafler in Canada and is now bringing the brand back and will have an all-new ST-70 at Munich! Alongside the ST-70 will be it’s current line of headphone amps and Phono Stages.



Location: Hall 2 G13


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Lyravox brought out their big SM-2 Stereomaster last year which ranges in the price range of $30,000US – $50,000US depending on which version you get. It truly is a work of art! But this year they are introducing the SM-3, a product that they want to keep in a much lower price range of under $20,000US. Still an all in one HiFi system with the same standards of building; hand made in Germany, built to order and with the same sound quality you would expect from a high end audio company. Keeping the sound quality high for a much lower price tag was certainly quite the challenge, but we are confident when you make your trip to Munich you will find that this all-new Stereomaster will be well worth the price!

Scheu Analog

Scheu Analog

Location: Hall 4 S08


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Scheu Analog builds massive gorgeous and uniquely designed turntables. They are a company that doesn’t build 50 types of turntables, but builds four masterfully crafted turntables. This year they will have the Das Laufwerk No. 2 with a Tacco tonearm for audition. They will also be demoing alongside Manger Audio and Mola Mola audio and will also be with Hannl Vinylcare in Hall 4 S01.



Location: Hall 4 T02


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Big news from Soundsmith this year! Two new products will be at Munich, the ALTO Tonearm and the new Zephyr MIMC Star. With Soundsmith entering the tonearm market they extend their reach down the line in order to improve performance in every link of the chain! The Zephyr Star is upgraded with a new cantilever of laser drilled sapphire and a Nude, selected-contact line diamond. The ALTO tonearm is of a Schröder design and made in America by Peters team. These are two products you will most certainly want to go check out in Munich! 



Location: A3.1 D102/D103/D105


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Theory and Application will have two rooms with full set-ups of their new gear, the Pulsar Speakers and the brand new E-Series will be on display in one room. They will also have the DAC 8 DSD, which has been selling like wildfire here in the States, in suit D102. The Pulsar speakers, ST-20 Floor Standing and R-20 Bookshelves, are set to be the most affordable speakers from T+A yet! Even with the slim cabinets T+A set out to still have the ability to radiate low bass cleanly and at high pressure, while still having the treble and mid-range that T+A is used too.  In order to accomplish these tasks, the engineers were forced to develop all new driver technology. The bass units have complex baskets made of pressure-cast aluminum and extremely powerful magnets, with a brand new suspension system.

In suite D105 you will have hourly demo sessions with a complete HV series and the CWT 1000-8 SE speakers. The HV series will consist of a PDP 3000HV, P3000HV, 2xA3000HV, 2xPS3000HV and their power bar and wiring from T+A. This is the best of the best from T+A and you will not want to miss it.



Location: A4.1 D105


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Thorens! We will finally for the first time get to hear the new 900 series play! Exciting times indeed. The new 900 series is set for a summer release and these turntables look amazing. Built from the strengths of the TD 140/160, featuring an all-new suspension system, new modern materials and a variety of different platters, these 900 series will most certainly be loved by Vintage Thorens lovers. I know I want one! I want it now!

Also at the show will be a prototype of a phono pre-amp called the MM Flex. A pre-amp that is small enough that it can be velcroed to be placed almost anywhere. This new pre-amp will be released around the same time as the 900 series in the summer.

Munich Show Report

For a lot of North Americans, making it out to Munich is not really an option. So we will be offering up a massive photo gallery on Day 1 of Munich. You will be able to check out our Instagramtwitter and Facebook for the latest information with what’s going on at Munich, with Product updates and plenty and plenty of photos!  If you have any questions feel free to email them off to myself at and I will do my best to answer them all.