Bringing in the New Year at CES 2016 – With all new products from Hafler, Thorens and T+A!

This year at CES

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Starting the year off with a bang! Rutherford Audio will be setting up shop in the beautiful Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas! We will be partnering with Burmester and T+A to bring to you a total of three rooms, each offering a unique listening experience. We will have a T+A dedicated room, a Burmester dedicated room and our Rutherford Audio room, which will carry the rest of our product lines including: Thorens, Lyravox, Soundsmith, Aedle, Scheu Analogue and more. A number of our brands will have Representatives coming along including Heinz Rohrer from Thorens, T+A’s managing director Siegfried Amft and Burmester will have their complete entourage including Stefan Größler the head of Burmester R&D.

Since the last CES event we have picked up a few amazing new Brands and we are excited to have these on display. Additionally, we will be launching two brand new products at CES this year, the new thorens 900 series and a new DAC 8 DSD from T+A. We are also ecstatic to be bringing back Hafler – a legendary HiFi brand.


Hafler was originally founded by David Hafler in 1977. Since inception, Hafler has produced some of the best hifi equipment that is still sought after in today’s market! Hafler stopped production for a short period but they have recently re-launched to the pro side of things. We are happy to bring Hafler back into the Audiophile community and into the hearts (and the rooms) of music lovers in North America.

The Hafler products currently include headphone amplifiers, phono stages, step-up transformers and soon they will be launching power amplifiers.  These brands are widely recognized by the pro community as some of the best products in the business. It’s our vision to bring these products into the rooms of audiophiles across North America instead of it remaining as a luxury saved for the pros.


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Thorens 900 Series

Thorens 900 SeriesThe all-new Thorens 900 series is coming to CES and has a planned launch for February of this year.

The idea behind the TD 900 series is to replicate the legendary TD 150 and TD 160 turntables. These vintage turntables are still in use today and are still producing some of the most beautiful sound after 50 years of use! The 900 series seeks to win over every vintage enthusiast,  and in the next 50 years become that one Vintage Thorens turntable everyone must have much like the 150 and 160 are today.


Click here to download the official press release

T+A comes with new gifts!

The engineers over in Germany have beat the expectations of the marketing team and have finished the new DAC 8 DSD ahead of schedule. Thanks to the hard work of the T+A Engineers the new DAC 8 will be at CES. The DAC 8 has been upgraded to include a number of new features and it is truly a magnificent machine.


The DAC 8 DSD is now capable of processing even DSD formats at ultra-high resolution. With a superb pre-amplifier and a sophisticated volume control you can also dive very high quality ouput stages or active speakers, enabling it to take its place as the High-End command centre of a complete system. Download the full press release here.

T+A will also have their HV Series and R Series at the event. The HV series will be powering the Solitaire CWT 1000-8 SE speakers and the R series will be running the Criterion TCD 310 S speakers.  Their room will be right across ours in the Venetian and you can schedule a visit here. Those coming from the T+A team include Siegfried Amft and John Oliver; they will both be available for you to answer any questions about the T+A product lines.

Rutherford Audio and Burmester Team Up!

The Burmester and Rutherford Audio rooms will be side by side with Burmester in the big suite.  Burmester Audio room will be acoustically treated by Rutherford Audio and the Artnovion team to give the systems in the room the best acoustically pleasing sound. Burmester is shipping over two full lines of gear to have on display for you!

For the speakers the BA71 and BA31 will both be at the show. The Ambience Speakers have a brande new specially designed Air Motion Transformer (AMT) that gives these speakers it’s precision, neutrality, power handling and dynamics in the high frequency range. There is a second rear firing AMT that optimises the omnidirectional behaviour and involves the listening room more strongly into the sound experience.

Of course the Reference Line will be in attendance! The reference line includes the best in the world 069 CD Player and the ultimate managing system with the 111 Music Center. Make sure you come by and check out the star of the art audio technology of Burmester Audio Systeme.

Artnovion joins us

Artnovion Verona Absorbers

Arnovion will be here to help us acoustically treat the rooms and help you the consumer understand the importance of these Acoustic Panels that are taking the world by storm! Artnovion just finished trips to Asia and now with Asia and North America demanding panels from Artnovion the demand is quickly outpacing the supply and you will want to order yours now from the dwindling inventory we have on hand. We are already ordering our second container of panels and if you want specific set of panels it is best to order yours now so we can make sure they are in our next shipment. These panels are selling so fast we expect to have to increase the size of our warehouse early next year!

Our rooms will be acoustically treated utilizing Artnovion and the Impulso App! We will measure the room prior to treating it so you can see the measurements before and after when you test out the app on your phone in the Rutherford Audio rooms yourself.

The entire Rutherford Audio team is trained on the Impulso App as well so everyone will be able to guide you through the process of measuring your room and getting it to the performance you want.

In the Rutherford Audio Room

In our room we will have a display and listening room. The first room you will walk through will be our display room. In the display room we will have our Thorens turntables the TD 550, TD 206, TD 309 and one of the 900 series. As well as Aedle headphones and the Hafler producsts mentioned above.


We will also have a full range of Soundsmith cartridges to accompany our turntables. Soundsmith cartridges are some of the best in the business and are truly designed for the audio aficionado who wants to maximize the sound they get from their turntables.  Check out this review on the Zephyr written by one of our happy customers to truly get an idea of what Soundsmith can do to improve the music you listen too.

Lyravox the single system home theatre and audio solution

Lyravox Stereomaster

In our listening room we will have Lyravox Stereomaster with one of the Thorens 900 series turntables. The Stereomaster is an absolutely beautiful all in one stereo system.  The Lyravox Stereomaster replicates the Acoustic Diffuse Field of a Piano with its indirect and direct sound waves. There are three different versions, each related to the size in centimeters; the 170, 200 and 240.


Schedule your visit today

If you would like to schedule a listening session with a specific Rutherford Audio component let us know so that we can arrange it for you. You can check out the CES map your show app and see were we are located during the event here.

Rutherford Audio Room: 30-334

Burmester Audio Room: 30-336

Theory and Application Room: 30-333

Plinius Room: 30-330

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