Burmester Rooms Built by Element Acoustics

Element Acoustics is dedicated High End HiFi company in British Columbia, Canada. While they serve primarily the Greater Vancouver area, Edward has travelled the globe to consult on systems including China, Japan, Singapore, Greece and the USA. Edward has a real passion for the highest quality reproduction of music and has put together some of the best HIFI systems in the Vancouver Region.

Element Acoustics Dedicated Burmester Room

Element Acoustics dedicated Burmester Room is quite a remarkable system. The room is treated to provide for the best listening experience possible and the system itself is a powerhouse of Burmester equipment.

Element Acoustics Dedicated Burmester Audio System


Speakers: Burmester B-100

Amplifiers: Burmester 911 x 2

MediaCentre/Preamp: Burmester 111

Phono: Burmester PH100

Turntables: (from left to right)

1.) JC Verdier + Dynavector 507mk2 + Dynavector XV-1s  + Graham Phantom Supreme 2 + Lyra Atlas

2.) Brinkmann Bardo + Fidelity Research FR-64ss + AirTight PC-1 Supreme

3.) Clearaudio Master Reference + Clearaudio Magnify + Clearaudio Insider wood Clearaudio TT2 + Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement

4.) Transrotor Fat Bob Reference + Transrotor TR009 + Koetsu Onyx Platinum

5.) VPI Classic Signature + VPI Classic Signature tonearm + Phasemation PP-1000

Cables:  Nordost Odin + Siltech double Crown

Element Acoustic Customer System

Alongside this above system we want to show you another system that Element Acoustics built over the summer for a longtime audiophile and customer of Element Acoustics. The system is built in a room that is quite big and tall and has an open area on the back left. The customer has battled with the rooms acoustics for a long time and Edward came in to help improve the room.

Edward combined Dynaudio speakers with a complete Burmester system to turn this room into one of the most impressive systems we have heard in years. The dynamics, soundstage, tonal balance, precision, accuracy, and even the bass are simply amazing.

Burmester System for Customer

Burmester and Dynaudio

Here you can see how tall the room is and why it previously was difficult to create such an impressive sound in the listening room, but with Edwards advice the customer may never have to upgrade the system again!


You can contact Edward to visit any of his listening rooms including the dedicated Burmester system above. Element Acoustics also offers custom installation and after sale services for your home theater, listening rooms, karaoke systems and recording studios. They will work with your builder or contractor to achieve the most functional and aesthetically pleasing system possible.

Phone Number: 604-727-5585

Email: edward@element-acoustics.ca

Website: Element Acoustics