Burmester Audio takes the #3 spot from Porsche in Germany’s top Luxury brands!



This last weekend, the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche released their bi-annual ranking of the top Luxury Brands in Germany and Burmester has replaced Porsche in the #3 position. You can read the online article on the top luxury brands or download their print version(in German), which is a more in-depth article on the luxury brand market in Germany. The last time this ranking came out was in 2014 and Burmester was ranked #4 behind Porsche at #3. This year Burmester has taken over for Porsche to join the top 3 behind the watch companies A. Lange & Sohne and Glashutte Original.

Their success is based on the perfection in Production

Germany is known for their “Hand Made in Germany” attitude. Burmester Audio itself is apart of “Deutschke Manufakturen” an initiative that identifies the hallmarks of top quality German companies. When you visit thand made b100 burmesterhe Burmester Audio production line, you will see the delicacy that their engineers take in building their equipment. From the smallest circuitry components to the cabinets of their B100 speakers, Burmester Engineers are masters in their craft.

Most companies on the list are on there for their perfection in the production process. Like Burmester Audio, these top companies place heavy ideals on the idea of building the perfect product. Most, may not even market themselves completely, they believe that the world will know they are the best and because of that their products will sell! While lifestyle sells, Germany is the land of discipline and restraint and because of this their luxury market is filled with companies whom focus on production rather than emotional marketing.

The Luxury List

  1. A. Lange and Sohne – Watches
  2. Glashütte Original – Watches
  3. Burmester Audio – Audio Electronics
  4. Porsche – Automotive
  5. Bulthaup – Kitchen Furniture
  6. Jan Kath – Interior
  7. Gaggenau – Kitchen Appliances
  8. T+A – Audio Electronics
  9. Chronoswiss – Watches
  10. Schramm – Bedroom Furniture
  11. Leica – Photography and Poggenpohl – Kitchen Furniture (tied)
  12. Leica – Photography and Poggenpohl – Kitchen Furniture (tied)
  13. SieMatic – Kitchen Furniture
  14. Jil Sander – Ladies and Mens clothing
  15. Meissen – Glass and Porcelain
  16. Wellendorff – Jewlrey
  17. Iris von Arnim – Ladies and Mens clothing
  18. Thonet – Home Furniture and Dedon – Garden Furniture (tied)
  19. Thonet – Home Furniture and Dedon – Garden Furniture (tied)
  20. Montblanc – Pens
  21. Robbe & Berking – Home Furniture
  22. Walteer Knoll – Jewlrey and Watches
  23. Wempe – Jewlrey and Watches
  24. Cor – Home Furniture
  25. Nomos – Watches
  26. Occhio – Lighting
  27. Interlübke – Home Furniture
  28. Schloss Elmau – Hotel and Dornbracht – Valves (tied)
  29. Schloss Elmau – Hotel and Dornbracht – Valves (tied)
  30. Talbot Runhof – Womans fashion

Driving Forward

With Burmester passing up Porsche in Germanys top luxury brands, it says wonders for the brand in Germany. Now it is Burmester of North America’s turn to continue the remarkable growth of Burmester in the US and Canada. This year you will see some of Burmester’s new products like the Phase 3 come to the United States, that we are confident will be a huge hit in North America. Burmester has taken leaps and bounds to not just be a company who is perfect in production, but as well as beauty in it’s presence. “Art for the Ear” – the Burmester motto, is not just a company whose sound is perfect but their beauty is also magnificent. This is what has helped propel them in front of Porsche to the top 3 in Germany and now it is our turn to take this already amazing product and bring them to the forefront of the US Audio and the Luxury world on this side of the pond.