Brooks Berdan Represents Scheu, Vertere, and Roksan at T.H.E Show in Newport

Scheu Analog, Roksan, and Vertere


Distributing a host of renowned European hi-fi brands we’ve grown to partner with several hundred dealerships across North America. Sometimes our dealers make us downright proud.  They outdo themselves with their presentation, passion, and salesmanship. Brooks Berdan is a shining example of this. Their presentation and effort at T.H.E Show in Newport, California was extraordinary.

With an 8,500 sq. ft. showroom in the heart of Monrovia, Los Angeles, Brooks Berdan is well acquainted with the world of vinyl. For 27 years the store has been heavily active in the area of vinyl setup and in the California high end audio market it has always been equipped with the best audio components and speakers available. Brooks Berdan has regularly been a part of Audio Shows and have developed a knack for their trade. This year they represented three of our brands: Vertere, Roksan, and Scheu Analog, three analog powerhouses with long legacies.


Scheu Cello Timbre with Vertere Tonearm

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At the heart of their room at T.H.E Show in Newport Beach California they displayed a Scheu Analog Cello Timbre turntable. Scheu Analog has developed a solid reputation for its beautiful designs and high quality sound. The founder, Thomas Scheu was an engineer and passionate hobbyist who crafted turntables in his spare time. Eventually his tables gained such recognition in Germany he began selling them to dedicated enthusiasts. When he passed away just over a decade ago his family continued the legacy. Now Scheu Analog tables are an extremely popular choice in Germany and around the world. This brand is a hidden gem of value in the world of turntables.

Scheu Analog is available from select specific dealers in the U.S. and Canada. The products look and sound so beautiful vinyl enthusiasts can’t resist.


Brooks Berdan Rack at Newport Show 2015


The Cello Timbre turntable is equipped with a Vertere SG-1 Tonearm, the baby brother of the infamous RG-1 relased only 2 years ago at CES, one of the worlds most expensive tone arms at $48,500. Vertere is another company, like Scheu Analog, that has risen to prominence and grandeur over the past few years.  Rutherford Audio is proud to bring the new baby brother the SG-1 to North America as a formidable arm to compete with the best in this category. This SG-1 is a perfect match with the Scheu Timber table. The technical precision and overall excellence of these products is far beyond most analog brands in the market.

Finally, on the same rack just below the tube amplifier is a Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier; a superb device with a powerful and rich sound. Roksan has been one of the UK’s household brands for high-end audio since the 1980s. It has developed a steady fan base in North America, with some Roksan enthusiasts swearing by their products as the best on the market. Their latest run, the K3 Series, has been extremely popular.

Audio shows attract music lovers from far and wide. There’s something viscerally enjoyable about going room-to-room and hearing all the latest and most lavish audio systems. Brooks Berdan did an exquisite job showing off their products and we’re proud to have them as one of our dealers.