Brooks Berdan Featured with Cadillac and Steve Wozniak



We have the privilege of working with one of Los Angeles’ most renowned high-end audio stores, Brooks Berdan. As Hollywood’s premier luxury hi-fi store it has provided stereo equipment for some of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential people in the world; and sometimes it contributes its coveted products to the movie and advertising industry. Recently, the store’s VPI Classic 4 turntable was featured in a Cadillac Commercial with non-other than Steve Wozniak, A.K.A. “the Woz.”



Astoundingly, for a Cadillac commercial, very little of the actual clip is dedicated to showcasing the new car. Instead much of it is focused on Wozniak as he lies on his couch in utter relaxation. As the tagline would suggest, the Woz had “dared greatly” in his life. His passion for computing lead him to co-found Apple and shatter the world with his accomplishments. Now he’s fully entitled to retire, relax, and listen to an extremely luxurious VPI Classic 4 turntablethrough a pair of Sennheiser headphones.

Earlier this year the commercial was featured at the Oscars and publicized to mass audience worldwide. The turntable was loaned by one of our dealers, Brooks Berdan Ltd. You can see their article here. Brooks Berdan has worked previously with Hollywood and has over the years and had a number of their products featured on the big screen.


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The table itself was contributed to the Cadillac commercials through the Brooks Berdan location in Monrovia. Currently the table and many others are on display in their plethera of sound rooms. Feel free to visit and audition this turntable or one of their many other rigs in store. There is even an audio museum you can drop by to learn a bit more about the history of this industry.

Brooks Berdan has over 30 of the top brands in the industry in their store. They are a leading dealer in California and are great representatives in the audio world. From Rutherford Audio they carry brands like Thorens from Germany and one of our greatest American brands Soundsmith.

If you are interested in visiting Brooks Berdan and one of their seven sound rooms you can click on the button below and check out their website describing each sound room. Or simply follow the contact info to show up at their doorstep and begin listening to the art of the most premier audio brands in the world.