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Breaking in the Zephyr

50 Hours In with Soundsmith written by Ron Erickson a very very happy customer Breaking in a new cartridge is like raising a child: you have hopes and dreams of what they can achieve, of what their personalities will be like. You start off with simple tasks and watch as they learn and as they […]

Measuring your Rooms Acoustics with the Impulso App by Artnovion

The Impulso App Guide Impulso is a Room Acoustics Measurement App developed by Artnovion. It allows you to measure the acoustic response of your room, office or home theatre through your iphone! You can get even more technical by adding in a microphone and speakers which allow you to get the most precise results. Once […]

Dieter Burmester, Burmester 101, and T+A HV series Nominated for Awards at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest will be running a International HiFi Awards on October 2nd the opening night of the show. Rutherford Audio is proud to announce our nominations. Dieter Burmester the founder of Burmester Audio has been nominated for a life time achievement award at The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Alongside Dieter’s nomination his […]

The definitive list of German Audio Brands

updated January 13th 2017 Our List of Premier German Audio Brands Every great celebration needs good beer and great music, here is a list of our top German Audio brands. German engineering is world famous for the prescision and care in creating world class products that last forever. We are proud to bring all these German […]

The man who invented beat matching: Can you guess which turntables he used?

Imagine this situation, it’s 1965. You’re living in a big city and going out for a night on the town. You don your slacks, groom your mustache, and head to the nearest club. When you arrive there’s a small crowd twisting and shouting on the dance floor but the vibes are off. The crowd isn’t […]

Brooks Berdan Featured with Cadillac and Steve Wozniak

  We have the privilege of working with one of Los Angeles’ most renowned high-end audio stores, Brooks Berdan. As Hollywood’s premier luxury hi-fi store it has provided stereo equipment for some of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential people in the world; and sometimes it contributes its coveted products to the movie and advertising […]