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4 Reasons Why You Should Get the Right Drive Belt

Owners of any retro Thorens turntable can testify there’s an immense amount of pride in owning one of these stalwart made-in-Germany products. They’re literally timeless. Not just because they’ll always be hip—which, based on the recent upsurge in popularity, is definitely the case—but more importantly, because they actually seem frozen in time. The passing of […]

Gallery of Vintage Thorens Ads

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet with a few simple tools like Google and Pinterest. The new Thorens Pinterest page has a board dedicated to these old time advertisements from back in the day. Here’s a selection of a few of our favourites.                

Tour of Rutherford Audio Headquarters

*note: our interior has changed dramatically since this posting.  As an importer and distributor of the finest European Hi-Fi Audio Equipment we strove to find the most suitable location for our headquarters and showroom in Canada. This is our building; a grand monument to the internationally respected “Made in Germany” label and a testament to […]

Acoustical Systems Germany joins Rutherford Audio

Acoustical Systems Germany Starting off in 2016 we have officially taken over Acoustical Systems distribution across North America. Acoustical Systems is a family business that has a philosophy of pushing the envelope of the most demanding audiophiles. With each new product they design they look at what is missing in all the available designs and […]

8 Photos that Perfectly Describe Aedle Headphones

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true. So we thought we’d commemorate that fact by writing about Aedle VK-1 Headphones with fewer words and more pictures. After all, this piece of craftsmanship doesn’t need justification, it sells itself.   Comfortable as a bed of clouds. Made of genuine lambskin leather, these headphones will […]

Reliving Memories with Scheu and Ortofon

We wrapped up CES very nicely this year. Our showroom was well received with record breaking numbers of attendees and industry connections. I took the time afterwards to drive across California and visit our key dealers, making sure to stop by Brooks Berdan Limited in Monrovia, L.A.. When I got back to our Denver office I was […]